FNT ProcessEngine

Increase the efficiency of your process organization – by using FNT ProcessEngine to automate and orchestrate your IT processes for enhanced productivity and quality



Easy process modeling for greater organizational flexibility

Modeling business processes is made easy thanks to predefined function calls for FNT Command. With the graphical editor, you can modify existing processes quickly and effectively – and retain maximum flexibility in your process organization to respond to changing markets.


Improved process transparency through integrated analytics

Predefined dashboards offer a detailed insight into individual processes. This enhanced transparency enables early identification of capacity bottlenecks as well as proactive optimization of processes, including better process efficiency.


Automation and orchestration for improved process quality

Manual processes, which have a high susceptibility to error, are now a thing of the past. With our intuitive, web-based user interface, all information is documented in predefined forms. Automatic plausibility checks ensure the integrity of all input, and data is automatically transferred to the target system. The results: enhanced process quality and efficiency, plus faster processing and lower costs.


Connectivity for easy system integration

FNT ProcessEngine has extensive connectivity for integrating external systems, enabling users to control specific processes both inside and outside of the organization. In addition, standard integration with FNT Command provides access to predefined task modules that can be used to orchestrate IT processes quickly and easily, without the need for programming.


Maximum flexibility thanks to web-based application

FNT ProcessEngine not only keeps your processes flexible – with the web-based interface, users can access the application from any device, at any time, and from any location in the world. Use FNT ProcessEngine to connect your staff globally, promote better collaboration, and achieve better results at lower cost.


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Overview of personal inbox and pre-defined forms
Graphical process modeling based on BPM notation
Graphical process modeling based on BPM notation
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