FNT Analytics Basic

FNT Analytics Basic

Are you also faced with the challenge that the volume of your data means no timely and meaningful evaluations and analyses can be performed, although you require them for ad hoc decisions?

Do you want to represent your analyses easily, quickly, meaningfully and with up-to-date data in the form of dashboards and reports?

Do you want to release these dashboards and reports in your enterprise or make them available only for specific persons?

If these questions are of concern and you use Command for the documentation and planning of your IT infrastructure, this course is ideal for providing the necessary knowledge for the practical implementation in the evaluations, analyses and visualization area of your IT infrastructure.

This course focuses on the general procedure for the creation of dashboards and reports. It is first explained how data from a system, such as FNT Command, is made available to FNT Analytics, and how this information can be further processed to create the desired evaluations. Whereby, the course participants become familiar with various data sources to make them flexible with the creation of dashboards and reports in their daily work.

The course then shows how the widest range of evaluations can be created in a report from this basic data. Whereby, various visual representations (charts, tables, KPIs) are used to show the handling of these various representations.

Further, it is shown how dashboards can be created and integrated in various reports using these evaluations. The course also covers the release of the created dashboards for a person group or for all users.

Content overview:
- Import the data to be evaluated from various data sources (Excel files, SQL databases, FNT Command)
- Adapt the imported data via transformation scripts
- Create GraphQL queries for querying data from Command via the Business Gateway
- Planned update of data from the data source
- Create reports
- Create evaluations with various view types
- Filter in reports
- Create dashboards
- Release dashboards

Course duration: 2 days

Maximum number of participants: 6 persons


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