Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

During the architecture and design phase, specially trained consultants translate the results of the analysis into the solution design, taking into account the processes and operations. Our services include:

  • Design of processes for infrastructure operations
  • Creation of recommendations for action
  • Creation of concepts for the transfer of data from different data sources
  • Interface specifications for individual integrations
  • Requirements workshops to identify quick wins and recommended actions for individual requirements
  • Dashboard and reporting design for UseCase-specific BI insights
  • Implementation of pilot projects to evaluate the possible target benefits
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Here is an overview of our services

Based on the initial situation, a target picture of the target state is developed. The object of consideration is the relevant use cases that belong to supporting processes and participating systems.

The developed concepts are implemented by modeling, configuration or individual programming. Inventory data is recorded, prepared and transferred to the target system.

The focus is on the commissioning of the implemented solution. An upstream pilot operation, individual enablement and accompanying coaching support the transfer to productive regular operation.

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