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In the course of increasing digitization, IT infrastructures are not only becoming more extensive, but also more hybrid. It’s becoming more common for cloud services to complement traditional on-premises infrastructure in the company's own data center, which further increases complexity. At the same time, internal and external customers expect ever faster delivery of digital services. In this challenging environment, IT organizations are faced with the task of operating the IT and network infrastructure as efficiently as possible and providing the required services as quickly as possible - key to keeping customers satisfied.   

These challenges can most easily be met with a complete overview of the IT and network infrastructure. Only then are IT organizations in a position to plan infrastructure changes or expansions sensibly, manage the infrastructure efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction through better service delivery. 


What Makes FNT Software Solutions Different?

  • Specially tailored software packages for specific use cases of IT organizations – regardless of industry
  • Based on FNT Command, FNT's market-leading software for IT documentation and IT infrastructure management
  • Standardized, fully configurable software solutions with extensive out-of-the-box functionality
  • Scalable in terms of functionality
  • Wide range of visualization and analysis functionalities
  • Process management with workflow engine
  • Open interfaces and integration options facilitate automation and data exchange
  • Available as a subscription-based model: no investment is required, and no maintenance fees are incurred


IT organizations, regardless of industry, use FNT's solutions to plan, document and manage their infrastructure - from application and workplace infrastructure to network infrastructure. Combined with catalog management, these solutions enable companies to deliver services faster and better.

FNT Solutions for Enterprise IT

Application Infrastructure Management

Makes it possible to holistically design, roll out, and operate state-of-the-art infrastructures for central application operations. It helps to achieve greater operational efficiency by documenting and managing the complete applications infrastructure stack, from the physical level to virtualization levels, up to the application itself. 

Catalog Management

An enterprise-wide product, service, and resource catalog based on a best-practice methodology. This solution enables IT organizations to holistically design, define, manage, and operate products and digital services. It acts as the single system of record for services and lifecycle management, the heart of any service delivery platform. 

Enterprise Connectivity Management (External Network)

Helps ensure fault-free global interconnectivity. It includes a central repository of all leased data carrier lines that provides oversight of long-distance networks. Comprehensive documentation of all connected endpoints, all associated contracts, and the relevant provider master data delivers maximum transparency. 

Enterprise Connectivity Management (Internal Network)

Enables the management of network connectivity services both inside plant and throughout the campus. It includes a central repository that provides a complete inventory of all active and passive network resource data, including end-to-end connections. The solution provides the accurate as-is documentation needed to facilitate both new cable infrastructure rollouts and extensions of existing networks.

Workplace Infrastructure Management

Enables IT organizations to holistically design, roll out, and operate state-of-the-art infrastructures for workplaces. This helps companies achieve greater operational efficiency in documenting and managing all workplace elements, from laptops and PCs/NCs to virtualized desktops, installed software, as well as the usual periphery elements.  

Further Downloads

Would you like to learn more about FNT's solutions for enterprise IT? The following assets might be interesting for you: 

White Paper

Perfect IT Documentation
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10 criteria that a professional IT documentation tool should meet 

Professional IT documentation provides companies and public authorities with valuable assistance in a variety of tasks around management of IT infrastructure. To choose the right tool, it is first important to understand how professional IT documentation can be leveraged for commercial benefit and what functionality is needed to achieve that.  

This white paper describes 10 criteria that such a solution should meet. It provides the necessary background knowledge to make choosing the right product easier.

White Paper

More Transparency – Fewer Problems
Learn more

Why Professional IT Documentation Pays Dividends
Why is it worth engaging with “professional IT documentation”? What is it, and how does it differ from other types? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you’re in the right place. In this white paper, we show how taking a professional approach to IT documentation allows you to lay the foundation for efficient infrastructure operations. One key advantage is transparency: good documentation can help infrastructure managers to immediately see what is where and how it all fits together. This reduces the risk of sudden outages and reduces vulnerability to cyber attacks. In turn, budget managers value the fact that they always have details of individual inventory items at their fingertips, which means they only buy what is actually needed.

White Paper

The Sustainable Infrastructure
Learn more

How to Save Money and Improve Corporate Sustainability with Effective Infrastructure Management

Businesses concerned about sustainability are taking stock of their current business practices, identifying areas to target for improvement, and formulating plans for corrective action. The IT infrastructure is a great place to start. There is a surprising amount of hidden waste and inefficiencies that can be addressed with little to no investment. This paper is an enlightening look at how businesses can use infrastructure management to reduce energy consumption, which has the dual benefit of lowering costs and minimizing the impact they are having on the environment.


Return on Investment in IT Infrastructure Operations
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A case study of real-world IT documentation solutions

High-performance IT and telecommunications infrastructures are fundamental to achieving business goals. To ensure successful and efficient infrastructure operation, managers need to optimize processes and staffing, reduce running costs, and minimize risks. Specialist solutions for documenting and managing infrastructures, such as the FNT Command Platform, can help with these objectives.

To quantify the productivity increases and cost savings achieved through deploying the FNT software solution, Research In Action investigated the effectiveness of the solution and the return on investment (ROI).  

The findings are based on a survey of a total of 28 companies: three companies already using FNT Command and 25 other large companies with similar IT organizations.

White Paper

The Public Sector is Going Digital
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How public bodies can better manage their IT infrastructure
When it comes to implementing digitization strategies, the numerous institutions at the federal, state and local levels have very different homework to do. They all have one thing in common: In order to master the many new challenges, the first thing to do is to make the IT infrastructure that has grown over many years fit for the digital future. In many cases, this means first of all creating a complete overview and transparency, which then enables meaningful planning.

White Paper

Cable Spaghetti as a 3-Course Meal
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Worst Practices from the real world of IT Infrastructure Management
IT managers were surprised just how much power the air conditioning system was using – shortly afterwards, the data center was on fire; a server rack ran for years without a network connection and the IT documentation consisted of needles and thread. Those aren’t horror stories from a movie script, they actually happened. Usually, managers believe that their IT systems are all in great shape: properly documented, secure, and up to date.

What’s the situation like in your organization? Everything under control? Just read on! We’ve put together some unbelievable, amusing, and instructional case studies that we’ve been “fortunate” enough to encounter ourselves. We didn’t have to look too hard. At the end of the day, there isn’t a single company where we’ve not found inconsistencies, errors, or incomplete documentation of IT systems. Dodgy redundancy configurations, Excel tables with incorrect content, and dead cables lie in wait for the unwary.

These case studies show that IT documentation isn’t an end in itself; it is often crucial when dealing with faults and outages. It protects companies from unnecessary investment caused by a lack of insight and also helps to avoid the kind of emergencies that can quickly spiral into an existential crisis.


White Paper

IT Documentation
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State-Of-The-Art Strategies for More Efficient Management of Hybrid IT Infrastructures – from CMDB to Digital Twin
Documenting the existing IT, telecommunications and data center infrastructures is often regarded as a necessary evil. Thankfully, modern tools offer numerous new possibilities for managing your infrastructures more efficiently - without excessive maintenance effort or worry about outdated information. Through implementing intelligent automation and process integration you not only create the basis for better decisions and streamlined processes, but you also lay the foundation for further automation initiatives in IT. In this whitepaper we set the record straight about IT documentation and show through real examples the possibilities and potential that can be achieved today

White Paper

FNT Command Platform and StableNet
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The Holistic Network Management Solution
Companies are faced with increasing data volumes rapidly growing networking. As a result, the digital infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. Not only is the complexity of the network infrastructure is growing, but so are the demands placed on it. Ensuring fault-free functioning is more important than ever. Failures of individual devices or services can quickly cause serious problems and high costs. For this reason, keeping track of the complex IT, network and device infrastructure is key.

In this white paper, you will learn from two real-life examples how companies can achieve holistic network management through the combined use of the FNT Command Platform and StableNet.

Success Story

Stuttgart Airport
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Stuttgart Airport and the living IT infrastructure

Stuttgart Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany. Thanks to its connection to Stuttgart 21, long-distance rail and bus services and the subway, it is increasingly developing into an intermodal hub for travelers. In addition to its core aviation business, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH operates numerous infrastructure facilities and supplies over 250 B2B corporate customers with electricity, water and information and communication technology, which accounts for around 40 percent of total revenue. For both business areas - aviation and infrastructure facilities - the airport has to operate, maintain, modernize and expand a highly complex network of diverse and sometimes highly critical infrastructures.

Expert Paper
The Path to Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality in IT Infrastructure Management
Learn more

Intense pressure is being put on organizations to operate in a more sustainable manner by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. They must also demonstrate their progress by complying with stringent reporting requirements. Our new expert paper details how companies can tackle decarbonization through better infrastructure management, and how FNT's new solution add-on helps by documenting, analyzing and reporting on the carbon emissions of your customer's infrastructure.  

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