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How to boost your ServiceNow Processes with complete IT Infrastructure Data

Get more from your IT Infrastructure

Digital transformation is placing ever greater demands on corporate IT, with IT departments constantly having to find new ways of optimizing their resources in order to keep pace with developments. Companies are thus increasingly deploying ServiceNow for IT service management. The IT infrastructure, meanwhile, is often managed using FNT Command. While both offer considerable scope for optimizing processes and workflows, the full potential can only be achieved by integrating them. To ensure processes run smoothly, a large amount of IT infrastructure information needs to be collected, compared, processed, and made available for service management. Easy, fast access to this infrastructure data in the background boosts the stability, performance, and flexibility of (service-related) processes. Connecting these two systems therefore makes sense.

In this white paper, you will learn

  • how interaction between FNT Command and ServiceNow boosts the added value of IT infrastructure
  • advantages integration offers in various use cases
  • benefits companies are realizing from combining FNT Command and ServiceNow
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