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FNT ServicePlanet

FNT ServicePlanet allows you to boost the efficiency of your service management activities and provide standardized products and services. In turn, this makes it possible to reuse products efficiently and provide services in a flexible manner and with consistently high quality, while also keeping costs under control.

Standardized products and services
Efficient service management
Centralized service management database
Standardized products and services

FNT ServicePlanet is the control center for product portfolio and service management, providing the foundation for defining, managing, and monitoring all your business services and service assets over the entire service lifecycle. Standardizing products and their components in FNT ServicePlanet allows all product and service-related information to be combined in a central database.

Efficient service management

This makes it possible to reuse products efficiently and provide services in a flexible manner and with consistently high quality, while also keeping costs under control. The result is an increase in the flexibility and speed with which IT can provide essential business services.

Centralized service management database

FNT ServicePlanet contains all the information needed to provide the highest level of service management support for a customer's business processes. Before the first service is provided to a customer, product and portfolio managers define the product design and configuration options. Predefined basic modules are reused in new products in order to produce and operate services as cost-effectively as possible. This makes it possible to provide individual customers with all defined products in many variations via a unique, rule-based service creation process (instantiation of services). All information related to products, services, and customers is held centrally in FNT ServicePlanet.

FNT ServicePlanet provides support by way of the following core functionality

Product and service modeling

Method-based definition and standardization of products and reusable product components

Product catalog

Structuring and production of all available products with all the information and links required for service creation

Service provision

Configuration and rule-based instantiation of all services sold to a customer


Documentation and generation of historical data for all products, product components, services, and associated information in a central database based on an integrated data model

Reporting and dashboarding

Managing and monitoring the entire product and service lifecycle, including status analysis and automated generation of service trees and product documentation


Integration and adaptation to existing service architectures by linking to service desks, CMDBs, and other components thanks to an open repository and options for easy customization

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Accelerate your service management processes

The central service repository contains all the necessary information and is integrated with all other service management tools (e.g., ticketing and CMDB). This greatly accelerates processes and reduces IT service management costs.

Reduce complexity and cut costs

Method-based definition of standardized products and their provision as services reduces the complexity of the IT service environment, significantly increases transparency, and enables better decisions on resources, particularly with regard to incident management.

Integrate existing systems

Simple integration into the existing tool environment (ERP, ticketing, monitoring, RMDB/CMDB) and service architecture supports rapid implementation of product and service definitions.

Obtain transparency regarding your customers

Automated documentation of all available products and the configured services creates clarity in the customer-supplier relationship.

Get an overview of current services

Automated service trees and extensive reporting give product and portfolio managers an overview of the service portfolio and the status of their products.

Stay in control of the lifecycle

All service assets can be mapped, managed, and billed over the entire service lifecycle.

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FNT ServicePlanet

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