FNT ProcessCenter
Manage infrastructure processes efficiently

FNT ProcessCenter

More efficiency and transparency for provisioning and change processes

FNT ProcessCenter is fully integrated in the FNT Command Platform, so it leverages the software’s integrated documentation and planning functionality and enables end-to-end process management for all changes made to the existing IT, DC or network infrastructure. This integration makes both internal workflows and control of external service providers more efficient. It also ensures that all changes are documented appropriately in the FNT infrastructure repository.

FNT ProcessCenter is particularly beneficial when integrated provisioning and change processes, from initial request to the implementation, are required with a high degree of standardization, transparency, planning, and orchestration.

Benefits of FNT ProcessCenter

Central work area

Holistic management, monitoring, and control of all previously planned changes to the IT and telco infrastructures within the FNT Command Platform in a central work area.

Simple delegation of work orders

Simple delegation of work orders to internal/external service providers and suppliers via a modern work order management using predefined templates.

End-to-end transparency

End-to-end transparency over all provisioning and change processes thanks to holistic and dedicated views of order processing for different roles, as well as the simple integration of third-party systems.

Flexibly configure own workflows

Rapid configuration of your own workflows for performing changes thanks to standardized and reusable process blocks. New change processes for the infrastructure can be automated cross-system and fast due to the integration of the infrastructure repository of the FNT Command Platform and third-party systems.

Central request portal

A central portal for requesting and provisioning standardized products and services. The seamless integration of FNT Catalog Management supports the design, modeling and management of complex IT and infrastructure services.

Integrated and transparent infrastructure processes

Integrated and transparent business processes as a result of reporting functionality and dashboards.

FNT ProcessCenter – Efficiently manage complex provisioning and change processes for infrastructures


More efficient workflows with FNT ProcessCenter – Practical Use Cases

FNT ProcessCenter at a Glance

Highlights of FNT ProcessCenter

Freely combine components

FNT ProcessCenter consists of three components: FNT WorkOrders, FNT Workflows and FNT Requests. All three components have a modular microservice architecture, so they can be combined freely with each other as needed for specific applications and requirements.

Structure and orchestrate work orders

Work Order Management provides the documentation foundation and it optimizes workflows by supporting changes to the IT and DC infrastructures and telco networks. It also enables the monitoring and control of associated work orders.

This allows changes planned within the FNT Command Platform to be easily transferred as detailed work orders to internal or external suppliers. When the supplier marks the work order completed, FNT WorkOrders updates the actual status in the FNT infrastructure repository.

Infrastructure-specific best practice work order templates are available. These are the basis for creating new, individual work order templates. In a modern workspace users can manage the individual tasks that comprise a work order, monitor the overall status of the work order, and directly oversee internal technicians and external service providers performing the work.

Model, control and execute all workflows

The FNT Workflows component within FNT ProcessCenter is also integrated in the FNT Command Platform and permits IT and telco infrastructures to be managed flexibly via workflows and to manage changes.

Workflows, such as release, approval and monitoring processes, can be modeled freely in accordance with BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model Notation). Because standardized and reusable building blocks, or tasks, are used for this purpose, user-specific workflows are easy to design – even cross-system.

Monitor requests and provision service

FNT Requests enhances the work order and workflow functionality with a central portal for the provision of IT products and services. Requests can be made to IT via the portal from internal or external customers and processed with a defined workflow and/or FNT WorkOrders.

External shops or product catalogs can also be integrated. The use of FNT Requests within FNT ProcessCenter allows internal and external customers the end-to-end monitoring of the complete process from initial order through its implementation.

Centrally manage tasks

Authorized users and suppliers can record their detailed progress when processing a work order.

This gives all parties a transparent view of the order status, down to individual work steps. It also helps identify critical work packages, avoid delays, and address bottlenecks.

Individually configure forms

All tasks can be dynamically enhanced using forms and augmented with data. Furthermore, forms can be extended as required and easily adapted to the requirements of individual users. Form data can be integrated from both the infrastructure repository of the FNT Command Platform and third-party systems.

Experience integrated provisioning and change processes

If the full scope of FNT ProcessCenter’s functionality is deployed, the interaction of components enables integrated provisioning and change processes for the IT and telco infrastructures.

Enhance with FNT Catalog Management

To completely automate and standardize IT and infrastructure services, a uniform, standardized and digitalized product, service and resource catalog is required. FNT ProcessCenter can be seamlessly integrated with the FNT Catalog Management solution to make this a reality.


Yes, I want more efficiency and transparency for provisioning and change processes.


FNT ProcessCenter

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Use Cases

FNT ProcessCenter enables control of physical, logical and virtual assets and resources as well as services over the complete lifecycle with structured process management. It can be used to support a wide range of applications across all industry sectors. Below are just a few examples.

FNT ProcessCenter supports the holistic planning, rollout and operation of a modern network, workplace, or application infrastructure. Service requests can be standardized and the processes of IT service management automated by means of workflows. In particular, the seamless integration of FNT Catalog Management enhances support scenarios for situations in which requests are based on complex product and service structures.

FNT WorkOrders allows resources to be provided faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost. Previously planned infrastructure changes can be easily delegated to internal or external suppliers, and their execution monitored.

FNT ProcessCenter enables infrastructure, rollout, service provisioning and change processes for passive and active network infrastructures to be controlled holistically in both inside and outside plant areas.

Network extensions and rollouts can be planned based on requests and automated by means of workflows. Template-based work orders for the field-service team and external service providers are created and approved automatically based on the planning, and work status can be tracked.

FNT ProcessCenter allows service requests, such as reservations or commissioning and decommissioning processes, on the data center infrastructure to be standardized and automated. For the concurrent provisioning of a single information source and a consolidated view over all plants, IT hardware, networks and applications, the processes can be optimized based on the integrated FNT WorkOrders.

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Yes, I want more efficiency and transparency for provisioning and change processes.

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