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FNT IntegrationCenter

FNT IntegrationCenter is a framework that simplifies integrating the FNT Command Platform with any other system being used within an organization. As a Digital Twin, FNT Command documents and manages hybrid infrastructures in its unified data repository. FNT IntegrationCenter collects and reconciles data from other systems, brings it into FNT Command, and makes it usable throughout the company in the applications of their choosing.

FNT IntegrationCenter provides both the functions for moving information between applications and the means to align it. This frees businesses to use their preferred tools for different tasks, allows end-to-end fulfilment of use cases over several tools, and removes barriers that prevent access to data. By aligning and reconciling data with outside sources, FNT IntegrationCenter ensures the data being relied on to make decisions is of the highest quality.

Collect and reconcile data from other systems with FNT Command and share data easily between  FNT Command and third-party software applications
Collect and reconcile data from other systems with FNT Command and share data easily between FNT Command and third-party software applications

Benefits of FNT IntegrationCenter

One-stop integration shop

Integration requirements vary greatly depending on the systems and data involved. FNT IntegrationCenter is a single tool that can accommodate virtually any integration scenario.

Extendable data model

FNT Command allows its data model to be expanded with new entities, attributes, and relations. These extensions are available in all interfaces and functional blocks of the FNT IntegrationCenter.

Fast time to value

Integrations happen faster and more efficiently due to extensive out-of-the-box functionality and pre-configured components. Less development time is needed, which lowers both project implementation duration and cost.

Implementation options

Depending on the complexity of the integration project, customers can choose to implement integrations with a graphical ETL tool or JAVA-based extensions.

High performance

FNT’s algorithms make it possible to align millions of data sets in a short time.

Improved data quality

Its structured approach to finding and fixing issues during reconciliation processes with target data that is being changed keeps network device and topology information up to date.

Common approach for different Integration use cases

Regardless of the direction data flows and technologies involved, all integration scenarios share the same basic functional requirements and can access the necessary components to fulfill those requirements as needed.

Works with Events

Event-based data handling, whether from user actions or events from external systems, triggers operations for systematic and uniform processing of changes that occur within the IT infrastructure.
Yes, I want to manage my integrations more efficiently.

FNT IntegrationCenter - One tool for a wide range of integration needs

FNT IntegrationCenter at a Glance

Highlights of FNT IntegrationCenter

Combine functional blocks as needed

The four components that comprise FNT IntegrationCenter - FNT StagingArea, FNT ReconciliationEngine, FNT EventEngine, and FNT Platform APIs - are integrated with each other and with other applications of the FNT Command Platform. They are connected via interfaces and can be used in any combination.

FNT StagingArea - Graphical interface modeling

A traditional graphical ETL tool eliminates the need for programming. Users can extract, ​transform, and load data via standard interfaces or interface add-ons that are ​developed by users, system integrators or FNT.

FNT ReconciliationEngine - High performance network inventory reconciliation

Ensure the integrity of imported data with complex reconciliation processes that include delta calculation, alignment algorithms and interactive reports. Data can be uploaded by files, users, system integrators, or FNT can develop adapters to any external system to load data for reconciliation.

FNT Event Engine - Fully flexible event handling

Catch user actions in FNT Command or from external systems. These events can ​be filtered and enriched with additional data ​from FNT Command. The enriched events can be sent to other external systems or reconciled with the FNT Command data via the FNT ReconciliationEngine.

FNT Platform APIs - Comprehensive API access

The APIs can be used to query data from FNT Command or create, update, and delete data in the FNT Command Platform. Highly sophisticated functions such as routing, reporting, start and stop pre-defined job, are supported to work with the data in FNT Command.

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FNT IntegrationCenter

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Yes, I want to manage my integrations more efficiently.

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