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FNT Command

The FNT Command software package provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications structures for managing IT assets, cabling and infrastructure, data centers, and telecommunications resources. FNT Command thus enables the provision of high-value IT and telecommunications services. Like our customers, we take an integrated approach to all resources, from cabling through to service provision.

FNT Command for Data Centers

Budget and cost pressures, capacity bottlenecks, compliance guidelines – those are just some of the challenges that data centers face as they seek to deliver efficient and reliable IT services. As a centralized management and optimization solution, FNT Command gives you total transparency across your entire data center infrastructure – from the facility level through hardware and software to networking, power, and air conditioning. This end-to-end view enables you to accelerate day-to-day business processes and achieve greater operational reliability. More about FNT for Data Centers

FNT Command for IT Management

Optimize the interplay of all the components across your entire IT infrastructure. FNT Command for IT Management is the ideal platform for orchestrating your IT processes and achieving a sustained reduction in IT costs. Using this centralized system, you can document all the physical and logical dependencies of each CI at every stage in its lifecycle. Boost the performance of your IT management and provide high-quality business services more efficiently. More about FNT Command for IT Management

FNT Command for Networks, Connectivity & Communication Services

Use FNT Command to improve your management of network and service resources. Equipped with higher-quality data, you can run faster impact analysis and gain accurate insights into available capacity. Thanks to the clearly structured documentation, you have full transparency across all resources and associated business-sensitive information. Your overview is enhanced through cross-media auto-routing, georeferenced network visualization, and integrated management of leased lines and dark fibers. This comprehensive insight means you are ideally equipped to meet the growing demand for quality services. More about FNT Command for Networks, Connectivity & Communication Services

FNT Command for Cable Management

Document, plan, and manage your entire cable and network infrastructure via an integrated system offering end-to-end visibility in complex cable networks. No matter how complex and heterogeneous your network infrastructure, be it inside plant or outside plant – with FNT Command for Cable Management you can achieve much greater efficiency in the management of cable infrastructure, in fault finding, and in the activation of cables and planned network expansion work. More FNT Command for Cable Management

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