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Create a digital twin of your IT infrastructure

IT Documentation Software

Our professional IT documentation solution offers extensive capabilities for capturing and visualizing existing infrastructures- whether in the area of IT Infrastructure Management, Data Center or Network Documentation. It also provides modern management functionalities, such as planning, workflows, analytics, and GIS integration. This allows you to create a digital twin of your entire IT infrastructure that always reflects the current situation, without the need to devote substantial resources to constant updating.  

The solution features a modern variant of the configuration management database (CMDB), which automatically consolidates the content of distributed databases, shows cross-silo dependencies, and brings everything together to create a single point of truth. Each individual component can be graphically visualized to provide a better overview. A comprehensive component library with more than 70,000 predefined IT assets enables you to plan and manage your IT environment more easily. Fault resolution is faster, transformations and changes can be managed more efficiently. 

What is IT documentation?

IT documentation

Sound business decisions and investment planning require knowledge about how your IT infrastructure and network environment are structured. IT documentation provides this insight by helping maintain a comprehensive overview of increasingly complex IT processes, so you can more efficiently manage the daily operation of your information technology.

What is IT documentation?

IT documentation should include both documentation of IT systems and infrastructures, as well as all necessary information for application operation, fault management and IT risk management. The functional relationships between the various IT assets and systems should also be recorded. For example, the technical and logical dependencies, location, contract data, as well as responsibilities assigned to roles.

Why is IT documentation important?

Why should you use IT documentation software?

Using software designed for IT and network documentation has significant advantages over Excel and other spreadsheets and homegrown tools. Software helps digitize internal IT processes and provides greater security, efficiency, and predictability through improved control of tasks. In contrast, many specialized and functionally limited inventory or discovery programs lack the breadth necessary to deliver high quality, comprehensive IT documentation.

When implementing documentation for IT infrastructure, it should be decided upfront what to include in the inventory. Documentation software makes it easy to track any changes to technology, processes, and responsibilities. The documentation shows what a company's IT infrastructure is comprised of, how it is operated, and how it is protected. Operators or other responsible parties can quickly access information about servers, workstations, users, software licenses, data backups, and more.

IT documentation also forms the basis for implementing other processes such as IT asset management, configuration management, IT infrastructure management, service catalog management or IT automation. High quality, software-supported IT documentation is, therefore, monumentally important.

Documentation of the IT infrastructure improves security

One big advantage of IT infrastructure documentation is that it is an important basis for IT security and data protection. The overview of the network structure allows potential hazards to be identified and mitigation measures to be implemented more quickly. The backup data helps restore IT systems quickly in an emergency. And operations are never in jeopardy, even in the event of a failure of important server systems. The documentation data helps quickly identify affected components or processes and rectify any errors that have occurred.

IT documentation saves time

When all technology, responsibilities, and processes are combined in high-performance IT documentation, all users and stakeholders have the same information about the functional relationships between the network and servers. This speeds up reaction times to any events that need to be addressed. It makes it easier and faster to train new employees and service providers. It also speeds up day-to-day operations, since all users always know where each device or system is located and how it is operated and protected.

Efficient management through IT documentation tools

Due to the solid foundation of data provided by IT infrastructure documentation, it’s easier to make decisions. As a result, the entire IT landscape is managed much more effectively. Capacities are deployed in a more cost-saving manner due to the ability to plan. At the same time, IT documentation also simplifies investment planning through its transparency and license management functionality, which can be used to terminate or renew expiring licenses or maintenance contracts in a timely manner.  

Which industries should use IT documentation?

IT documentation is essential for all industries and companies that have a large IT infrastructure.

IT documentation can be divided into two areas: System documentation and documentation relating to operations. Systems documentation includes infrastructure and system operations as well as operational IT service management. Incident management, IT risk management, information security management, IT emergency management (emergency documentation) and change management, on the other hand, belong to the management of operations.

Since each area has a different need for management systems, each has different requirements for IT documentation software. For that reason, a scalable solution that adapts to the growing needs of your company is best.

IT documentation - examples of industries that benefit Enterprise IT, Telco and Data Centers.

Why software from FNT?

With a software solution from FNT, you have centralized IT documentation software at your fingertips that gives you complete visibility into the complete IT infrastructure. Whether you are planning IT asset management, cable and infrastructure management, data center infrastructure management or telecommunication resource management, our powerful IT infrastructure documentation software will provide you with a secure foundation and keep an eye on your IT environment. 

We have over 500 satisfied customers. Thanks to our many years of experience as a globally active company, we know what is important to you. That's why we offer solutions that are optimally tailored to your needs, enabling holistic management of your services, configurations, and infrastructure, and helping to avoid serious outages in the event of a crisis. 

Brochure IT Documentation
Solution Brochure IT Documentation

Boost the efficiency of network, hardware, and software management

FNT Solution Brochure IT Documentation
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Easily capture and clearly display IT infrastructure

With FNT's IT documentation software, you can easily record, clearly display and efficiently manage the IT and network infrastructure. The digital representation of all IT assets and the network provided by the FNT Command Platform gives you a complete overview of the entire IT infrastructure. 

Advantages of our IT documentation solution

By introducing IT documentation, your company can become more efficient with little effort, improve internal structures, and create the starting point for other management systems. For example, cable management or service management based on IT documentation will have a much bigger impact on your business than one without an IT documentation tool. Compliance, data protection, IT security, CMDB / ITIL (Configuration Management Database / IT Infrastructure Library), and overall planning can also only be implemented optimally with functioning IT documentation.

Comprehensive overview 

Enjoy a complete and continually updated overview of your entire IT infrastructure and the relationships between the individual components (CIs) – via one central tool. A graphic visualization of each individual component and its relationships can be generated for even deeper insight.

Less effort

Drastically reduce the work involved in maintaining your IT documentation. Interfaces provide an almost unlimited range of options for integration with surrounding systems and the ability to automate data import into your documentation. Other benefits include integrated planning functions, which help to easily adopt planned changes after implementation.

More efficient audits and certification processes 

Comprehensive documentation of your IT infrastructure provides you with maximum transparency for successful certification to current industry standards, such as ISO, BAIT, and VAIT, making unpleasant surprises during audits and certification tests a thing of the past. Recertification is also a breeze because the data on your IT infrastructure is always complete and up to date without time-consuming preparation upfront.
Representation of the IT documentation tool from FNT for efficient IT infrastructure management on different end devices.
Modern IT infrastructures are far too complex to keep all the details in your head, and even most proprietary tools reach their limits eventually. Particularly when it comes to visualization, planning, access rights, and automation, home-grown solutions often lack the necessary capabilities. This results in skyrocketing costs for updating information, with the gap between reality and documentation growing ever wider.

Highlights of our IT documentation software

  • Advanced CMDB
    An automatically updating CMDB forms the basis for asset and configuration management of IT infrastructure.
  • Efficient management and planning
    Thanks to an integrated component library containing over 70,000 active and passive IT components depicted in a photo-realistic manner, including all the technical data you need.
  • Visualization and analysis
    Simple visualization of IT infrastructure data and dependencies using FNT GraphicCenter, FNT Analytics, or FNT GeoMaps allows completely new insights.
  • Device and server management
    Including all the physical and logical relationships with other components, services, and applications.
  • Integrated license management
    Integrated license and contract management reduces costs and optimizes processes.
  • Planning and documentation of server environments
    Including physical and virtual servers.
  • Management of network structures
    Depiction and management of physical and logical network structures, including IPv4 and IPv6 address management, WAN, VLAN, and WLAN management right up to the customer and service level.
  • Open standard interfaces
    Accesses surrounding systems for continuous exchange of data and high data currency.
IT Documentation

Find out if your company needs professional IT documentation and what you can base this decision on.

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Find out if your company needs professional IT documentation and what you can base this decision on.

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