Component Requirement

The following description is handed over to you, designed as a procedure which provides the best practice to enter components into the FNT Command environment.


In general, FNT only provides master data in graphical layout which can be handled with the program module ‘Switch cabinet’. Device types without graphical layout like adapters, cables, switch cabinets, modules, junction boxes, splice cassettes, climate components, etc. can be anytime created by you using the Command Administration. Your system contains already predefined devices based on different manufacturers and functionalities which can be efficiently copied and adapted according to your requirements.


In the meantime, the FNT CI-library consists of more than 75.000 component entries; before ordering the components from FNT, please check, if the components are already provided for download, using the following URL:

Ordering from FNT

Whenever required graphics do not exist, you can order them using the FNT Service Desk; precondition is an existing support contract. Depending on the type (module or chassis) the required data get prompted using this order procedure. Please consider also the appropriate guidelines for creation of components.

Please appreciate the fact that we can create only components which are based on valid details; in case of doubts we will contact you.

Delivery / Component Download

After the creation of the components, you will get a message from our Support Team, which informs you about the components being provided for download; for download the following URL is used:

FNT Service Desk

The FNT Service Desk serves as the central support portal for our clients and partners. In order to meet our requirements for the support of optimal, demand-oriented services, the FNT Service Desk plays an essential role. By making use of the support services you receive the opportunity to access new requests, check in on the status of existing inquiries and stay on top of things by implementing the use of flexible search functions and reporting possibilities. Furthermore, you can benefit from improved communications, for example through proactive dispatch of notifications when a change in status has occurred. As a result, you will always be aware of your request’s current status.

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