FNT Adaptive Interface Packages
High-performance interface packages for automated data synchronization and integration

FNT Adaptive Interface Packages

Data integration and the automation of data flows are central components when it comes to documenting IT infrastructure. The management of the provided infrastructure and services is only as good as the data that is accessed. Their availability and validity are one of the most important foundations for numerous business processes. Only if all relevant information is available at the push of a button does company-wide transparency prevail. For these reasons we decided to create a new standard with the new FNT Adaptive Interface Packages!

“There is no question that those companies that recognize and use the power of data in their organization early on will gain a decisive competitive advantage.”


Stop worrying about risks, costs and the complexity of implementing your own interface solution to import data into your FNT software. Instead, access the powerful interface packages developed and documented by our experts. Provisioning and future security are included: As part of maintenance, we will continuously adapt the packages to FNT software updates. With our value packs we will stay abreast of any upgrades within the data management system.

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