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Comprehensive overview

FNT Command gives you a complete overview of all areas of your IT, Data Center and network infrastructure, including intelligent reporting.

Cost and time savings

Benefit from high documentation quality, more efficient processes and a more solid basis for your IT automation - while at the same time reducing total cost of ownership through lower personnel and time requirements. 

Efficiency and optimized management

Consistent process management increases the efficiency of IT processes - for example, process and work order control. Add to this an extensive component library and powerful planning functions for cabling, network, storage and servers, etc. 

Over 500 companies worldwide and almost half of the DAX 40 companies use FNT software.

With our software FNT Command Platform highly complex and heterogeneous IT- and TK-infrastructures as well as data centers from the physical level up to business services can be captured manufacturer-independently according to a uniform data model and mapped in a digital twin. On the basis of this "digitised infrastructure", companies can plan and manage their IT, RZ and TK landscape more easily, eliminate faults more quickly and manage transformations and changes more efficiently. A standard building kit of various FNT tools and methods makes it easy to incorporate information from other systems, create simple analytical evaluations, optimize IT processes and workflows, or provide new (digital) services efficiently and automatically. The software is also available on a subscription basis. It is "cloud-ready" and pre-configured for specific application scenarios, so that it can be deployed as an out-of-the-box system in the shortest possible time.

Why should you learn more about our software solution?

„When transparency matters“ 

IT and telecommunications infrastructures are the lifeblood of every company and the foundation of the digital economy. In order to make the best possible use of these "lifelines" and to expand them further, companies and public authorities should know their infrastructures with all their physical assets (cables, switches, servers, PCs, mobile devices, etc.), virtual components, applications and business services as well as logical dependencies down to the last detail. This is because all digital business processes and offerings are based on them today, such as Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 or the digital passenger.

300 +
500 +
25000 +

Enterprise IT
Manage company-wide portfolios. And achieve greater efficiency
Data Centers
Transform into a full-service data center hosting facility
Telco / Service Provider
Turn Opportunity into Revenue

FNT Software more overview, efficiency, cost and time savings!

For a proper IT infrastructure, IT documentation is essential for all industries and companies. In doing so, it has to be decided company specific, what belongs to the critical IT and what should be documented accordingly. 

IT documentation can be divided into two areas: System documentation and documentation related to the management of operations. The former includes infrastructure and system operation as well as operational IT service management. Fault management, IT risk management, information security management, IT incident management and change management, on the other hand, belong to the management of the operational business and should also be documented. 

Since each area has a different need for management systems and the importance of the IT infrastructure differs, there are also different requirements for the corresponding IT documentation software, its level of detail and scope. This is why it pays to choose a scalable software solution that can adapt to the growing needs of your business.

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