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IT Asset Management
With an IT asset management solution, IT organizations manage their valuable IT assets across the entire lifecycle. This includes physical devices and virtualized functions as well as intangible components such as software instances and licenses.
Cable Management Software
With a cable management solution, companies and public authorities can document, plan and manage their network infrastructures. Even extensive cable and outdoor infrastructures of telecommunications providers can be efficiently mapped and managed.
A configuration management database (CMDB) serves as a central database. With CMDB software, a company can map its entire IT infrastructure with all its relationships and dependencies.
DCIM Software
With a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, data center operators can efficiently manage their power and cooling resources, track the location and status of equipment, monitor environmental conditions, and plan capacity and resource utilization.
IT Infrastructure Management
Solutions for IT infrastructure management enable efficient planning, analysis and management of the IT landscape.

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