We‘re celebrating 30 years of FNT Software!

Our journey began on April 15, 1994 with the founding of FNT Software GmbH in Ellwangen. Three decades later we are still going strong. Thirty years is a long time - especially in the IT and software industry.

From the emergence of the Internet, the development of eCommerce, cloud and edge computing and mobile applications to the 4G/5G mobile communications standard, the rollout of fiber optic networks and general digitization - all this has solidified IT and telecom infrastructures as a significant competitive factor for companies and society over the past 30 years.

This has also been the driving force behind the ongoing demand for our products. Together with our customers, we have grown tremendously, continuously evolving to better help our customers meet their fast-moving and complex IT infrastructure challenges.

True to our motto: FNT - simplify complexity.

Our customers are the key to our success and we are very grateful for your trust and loyalty.

30 years of FNT also symbolize continuity: healthy growth, long-term customer relationships, competitive products, agile software development and high employee satisfaction.

Trust and reliability have made us what we are today: an innovative medium-sized company from Germany with over 300 employees, locations on three continents and 500 customers worldwide.

We are very proud of this!

We look forward to the challenges that lie ahead: be it in the areas of sustainability, automation or artificial intelligence. We will tackle these topics with a high level of innovation and agility and integrate them into our solutions.