FNT StagingArea
Simplify Data Exchange Between Your Systems – with FNT StagingArea

FNT StagingArea

FNT StagingArea is a central ETL tool (extract, transform, load) for exchanging, comparing, and importing large volumes of heterogeneously structured data. To simplify the import process, data is extracted, transformed, and then loaded in accordance with the specifications and rules of the target system. The data model is the same as in FNT Command and FNT ServicePlanet, making it easy to connect interfaces through FNT StagingArea and integrate systems into existing landscapes.

A powerful ETL tool for exchanging, comparing, and importing large quantities of data

FNT StagingArea has a built-in graphical editor that enables users to model and manage interfaces to many different systems without the need for specialist programming skills. Integration projects combine high performance with exceptional quality thanks to automated data synchronization, high levels of standardization, and built-in plausibility checks. A range of predefined dashboards and reporting options support management and maintenance of productive interfaces, making it easier to identify potential faults and implement changes to interfaces without significant user input.


FNT StagingArea

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  • Easy creation and maintenance of interfaces to FNT Command and FNT ServicePlanet using graphical editor (no specialist programming skills required)
  • Comprehensive set of predefined connectors and components enabling easy data integration with FNT Command
  • Easy plug-in installation of additional components and adapters
  • Visualization of integrity conditions for FNT Command data model helps avoid potential faults during modeling of interfaces
  • Built-in simulation enables immediate checking and integrity analysis
  • Scalable and powerful software with high-speed parallel processing of large volumes of data
  • Highly standardized interfaces with time-based control of data transfer
  • Modular design enabling fast installation and release-independent use with FNT Command and FNT ServicePlanet
  • Built-in dashboards and reports support operational control of productive interfaces

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