FNT Analytics
A business intelligence module for smart evaluations and analysis

FNT Analytics

By deploying FNT's business intelligence (BI) component FNT Analytics, you can maximize the value of your FNT Command solution. It combines all the benefits of data visualization and reporting with a ready-made interface for FNT Command. Using its comprehensive database, you can make better decisions and quickly identify relationships, trends, and bottlenecks — ensuring optimum performance from your IT infrastructure at all times.

Configurable dashboards and reports provide data and information to make your team's performance transparent, improve and accelerate operational and strategic decisions. Interactive dashboards provide valuable evaluations. Predefined dashlets get you up and running from the start and are configurable to adjust to your needs.

With FNT Analytics, interactive dashboards can be easily created to visualize and evaluate data from FNT Command.

Benefits of FNT Analytics

Better decisions

Companies can improve and accelerate decision-making processes by making the right data available to the right people at the right time.

Simple data evaluation

Complex analysis tools are becoming obsolete: Users can easily prepare and evaluate the information that is important to them.

Recognize trends faster

Predictive analytics makes it possible to identify trends using key figures and early indicators and take preventive action before an event occurs.

FNT Analytics

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Highlights of FNT Analytics

Interactive Dashboards

Drill-down, real-time, or sequential reporting: with interactive dashboards, you can create reusable reports for consistent analysis over time. 

Automated Reporting

Use automated reporting to keep management informed, thereby creating transparency and appreciation for your team. 

State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence

As an advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tool, FNT Analytics features standalone ETL and powerful database resources. Use it to aggregate and visualize structured and unstructured data from different systems. 

Preinstalled Dashlets

Our preinstalled best practice dashlets are ready to use and can be configured and expanded as required.  

Confidence and Collaboration

Transform, analyze, and visualize data: the extensive publishing options provide confidence around data sources while opening up a wealth of application options throughout your organization. 

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