OT Infrastructure Management Software

A comprehensive OT Infrastructure Management Software documents, plans, and oversees the entirety of the IT and network infrastructure within the factory. This serves as the foundation for the efficient and secure operation of the Industrial IT Infrastructure.

Operational Technology (OT) lies at the heart of Industry 4.0's digitalization efforts. To fully leverage its benefits, the underlying IT and network infrastructure must be considered. This is where FNT's OT Infrastructure Management Software comes into play. It provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of factory floor IT and network infrastructure, enhancing IT device security and ensuring reliable connectivity within the production network. 

Advantages of FNT´s OT Infrastructure Management Software

Better decisions

Gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of IT and network infrastructure within the factory as part of your OT system. This enables you to identify trends and critical changes more rapidly, empowering you to make better, knowledge-based, and strategic decisions.

Enhanced reliability and resilience

By documenting the OT/IT infrastructure in a central data model, relationships between elements become visible. Easily identify missing redundancies and rectify errors more swiftly and reliably. Planning functionalities aid in better preparation for changes, allowing for faster provisioning of new connections and IT devices, thus reducing downtime.

Cost and time savings

Partial solutions within factory areas, often inadequately integrated, become obsolete. Benefit from improved documentation quality, process optimization, and a more robust foundation for OT/IT infrastructure management within factory premises, resulting in lower overall operating costs and requiring fewer personnel.

More efficient processes

Seamless process management enhances the efficiency of your operational and change processes for OT/IT infrastructure. Additionally, it includes process and work order control, an extensive component library, and powerful planning functionalities. Integrated capacity and license management allow for better utilization of existing resources.

Reduced effort for certifications

With a reliable database at your disposal, you're always well-prepared to address inquiries regarding your OT/IT infrastructure, ensuring seamless audits and recertifications with minimal effort.

More security

You can only defend what you´re aware of! The best defense mechanisms become vulnerable when outdated, unpatched, and neglected devices undermine the foundation of your defenses. Precise documentation of operating systems and other software states on all devices in the OT/IT infrastructure network helps you better shield yourself against cyberattacks.

Highlights of FNT´s OT Infrastructure Management Software

FNT´s solution for OT Infrastructure Management establishes the foundation for optimal asset and configuration management of all IT and network devices in manufacturing, which form the basis for communication between the elements of OT and their data processing. It enables comprehensive documentation of the IT and network infrastructure within the factory premises, including all dependencies and relationships. This encompasses structured cabling throughout the entire factory campus, comprising all active and passive network components both inside and outside the production buildings. 

The centralized documentation within an integrated data model ensures that up-to-date, transparent data is always available—from the central network distribution points to all network endpoints in the form of devices at the facilities. This forms the basis for improved collaboration between IT and OT teams. 

Zone Management

Hierarchical representation of complex factory facilities through zone management, including campuses, factory buildings, floors, hall structures, and rooms. Cadastral structures can also be referenced to architectural column structures in terms of data. A significant portion of the network outlets in a factory facility are located within these structures. Additionally, personnel involved in rollout and change orders benefit from clear information regarding the grid reference of the hall layout, facilitating optimal route planning.

Building plan visualization for factory facilities

FNT GeoMaps visually represents halls in both 2D and 3D, allowing for the placement of network cabinets, network cabling routes, network outlets, and all other documented OT infrastructure elements with network connections. Interfaces enable the utilization of CAD-based plans from manufacturing building management systems.

Photorealistic, interactive depiction of devices

An integrated component library featuring over 75,000 active and passive IT components in photorealistic representation simplifies the analysis and planning of factory network cabling in the OT/IT landscape—even for engineers and technicians within the plant operations. Interfaces facilitate mutual enrichment of data between design solutions and the FNT solution.

Integrated Cable Management

Passive network infrastructures can be efficiently documented, planned, and managed. This encompasses all types of fiber, copper, and coaxial network topologies, including all deployed technologies and cable routing within the factory floor. Schematic representations of the network infrastructure facilitate planning, impact analysis, and fault localization during disruptions. This ensures complete transparency regarding network infrastructures and the communication services running on them.

IP Management

Visualization and management of physical and logical network structures, including IPv4 and IPv6 address management, WAN, VLAN, and WLAN management, extending up to the service level.

Integrated Software Management

Documenting software aids in enhancing protection against cyber threats. License and contract management functionalities enable cost reduction and optimization of software-related management processes.

Process Management

Order and request management for commissioning internal and external service providers. Automatic updating of the current state after completion of the tasks ensures that the documentation always reflects the current status.

Open standard interfaces

Setting up integrations with all relevant systems is made simple and fast. Thanks to open standard interfaces and the powerful FNT IntegrationCenter, which includes features like ETL functionality and tools for data mapping and delta determination. This ensures that data stays up-to-date with continuous exchange.

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