FNT CommandMobile
Access the FNT Command Platform from any location and at any time

FNT CommandMobile

Innovative app for mobile access to the FNT Command Platform

FNT CommandMobile is an app that revolutionizes access to information about configuration items (CI) and assets in FNT Command. It includes tailored functionality, optimized for smartphones and tablets, enabling mobile use of the FNT Command Platform for selected use cases. Available for Android and iOS, the app allows users to access all important infrastructure data easily, conveniently, and quickly at any time and from any location – whether in the warehouse, in the field or in the data center. This makes infrastructure management with FNT Command even more efficient.

FNT CommandMobile displays signal paths in actual and planned status on mobile devices.

Benefits of FNT CommandMobile

Mobile data access

Users always have access to CI and asset information – no matter where they are. This is particularly helpful for field technicians, who can easily identify installed components thanks to mobile access to graphical rack views.

Efficient infrastructure management

Thanks to intuitive operation of the app, all important information about the infrastructure can be accessed quickly and in a targeted manner. This streamlines daily work processes.

Convenient component recognition

The integrated barcode and QR scanner function recognizes components quickly and accurately. This avoids potential problems caused by incorrect data entry.

Efficient troubleshooting

The integrated signal tracing function makes it possible to trace signals across all components involved in a network at any time and from any location. This facilitates troubleshooting as well as network analysis.

Easy warehouse management

The app includes a mobile inventory management system that enables efficient documentation and management of company warehouses and simplifies inventory processes.

Managing digital infrastructures remotely with FNT CommandMobile

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Managing digital infrastructures remotely with FNT CommandMobile

Highlights of FNT CommandMobile

Search and find components easily

With the help of the integrated scanning functionality, objects documented in FNT Command can be easily located using a smartphone or tablet camera. Various code types are supported, such as QR codes from hardware or manufacturer codes. In addition, a search function is also available via text input. Frequently used objects can be conveniently saved as favorites.

All important infrastructure data at a glance

The app clearly presents information stored in FNT Command about the various infrastructure components, enabling users to quickly obtain a comprehensive overview. The following data is included

  • Object data
    The app displays all relevant attributes of a selected CI, such as the object ID, object type, manufacturer, and function.
  • Technical information
    All technical details can be viewed, for example data on weight, heat emission, size, and power consumption. 
  • Connections
    For each component, the respective ports and their status (free or occupied) can be clearly displayed – similar to the allocation list in FNT Command. 
  • Signal paths
    Signal paths can also be easily traced. For this purpose, the Signal Tracing function schematically displays the signal path of a selected port. Signal Tracing also supports logical connections and can thereby determine signal paths via carrier lines, WAN services and voice services, for example. 

Graphical rack view

Racks are displayed in a realistic manner with all components and with views from all sides, as users are accustomed to from FNT Command. In addition, different color coding makes it immediately apparent whether components are in the planned or actual status.

Mobile warehouse management

The warehouse management from FNT Command is integrated into the app. This means that inventories can also be easily documented and monitored via mobile devices.

Offline mode

Many of the app's functionalities can be used without an Internet connection.

Two-factor authentication

In a Kubernetes environment, secure two-factor authentication can be enabled via Keycloak.

Responsive design

Thanks to a modern user interface, the app can be used comfortably on mobile devices with different screen sizes – from smartphones to tablets.

Available for Android and iOS

Both operating systems are supported.


Yes, I want to access the FNT Command Platform from any location and at any time.

Home screen
Clear representation of a component's ports and their status
Graphical rack view in actual and planned status

FNT CommandMobile

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Yes, I want to access the FNT Command Platform from any location and at any time.

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