FNT Command Platform
A tool for IT, data center and telecommunications infrastructures

FNT Command Platform

FNT’s cloud-ready Command Platform offers an extensive portfolio of functionalities to facilitate Hybrid Infrastructure Management (HIM). This includes the integrated planning, control, and documentation of all important areas of infrastructures for enterprise IT, data centers and telecommunications. The FNT Command Platform is based on the proven FNT data model. This data model covers networks, applications, hardware, and services. It also represents the relationships and dependencies between them. Other add-on features are available to make infrastructure management much easier and enable flexible integration with other systems.

Advantages of FNT Command Platform

Comprehensive overview

FNT Command provides a comprehensive overview of all areas of IT infrastructures, recognizes all important trends and critical changes at an early stage with intelligent reporting, and supports better, knowledge-based and strategic decisions.

Efficiency and optimized management

Consistent process management increases the efficiency of IT processes. Templates, process and work order control, an extensive component library, and powerful planning functions for cables, networks, storage, and servers are all part of FNT Command. And with its integrated capacity and license management, existing resources are better used.

Cost and time savings

FNT Command helps eliminate partial and inadequately integrated solutions and the problems they cause. By delivering high quality documentation, process optimization and a solid basis for IT automation, FNT enables users to make more productive use of their time. And it does so with lower total operating costs, fewer staff, and in less time.

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