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FNT User Group

Numerous application scenarios in the areas of service management, IT, data centers and telecommunications require continuous functional and technical development of the FNT software. The FNT User Group was established to ensure that development is targeted and aligned with the needs of our customers.

Since 2015, the FNT User Group has provided a platform for the exchange of best practices and procedures between users. It also serves as a valuable means of collecting and consolidating their requirements and transferring them to FNT in regulated processes.  

The FNT User Group encourages and facilitates active discussions about system requirements between teams, project managers and end users. This provides insights into the actual customer requirements for supporting continuous functional and technical development. 

Pursuing targeted further development, customer-centered and strengthened by the exchange within the FNT User Group, we bundle best practices and requirements in order to shape the future with FNT in a regulated process.

Online Platform for exchange and networking

The FNT User Group manages the online platform autonomously. Members of the FNT User Group are eligible to join this community, which interacts on a closed online platform. In forums, they can exchange best practices, discuss new applications, and formulate product requests in order to make work processes with FNT Command even more efficient. They can also get direct help from other experienced users concerning minor issues. 

Customers can create themes for application-specific requirements at any time. These themes are then communicated to FNT, illustrating how the software's ongoing development is strategically aligned with and tailored to customer needs. 

FNT User Group Meeting Live & Online

In collaboration with FNT, the steering group regularly organizes the FNT User Group Meetings. These usually take place twice a year and take place either live or online.

These meetings are the perfect complement to the User Group Forum and offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and FNT in real life. 


The steering committee of the FNT User Group

The online platform is being managed by the FNT User Group itself. Its members elect a team of users each year who are then responsible for the organization of the platform and FNT User Group meetings. They function as direct contact person regarding technical questions about the platform, registration processes for new participants and for questions about topics in the forums. 

The steering committee communicates directly with FNT about the named events above and technical support for the operation of the platform. 

The steering committee also ensures compliance with the rules that are necessary to prevent misuse of the platform. 

Short profile of the FNT User Group Steering Committee

We, the steering committee, currently consist of five individuals representing various regions within DACH: 

Birte Sommer (DATA Port, Hamburg), Alexander Knüppel (waveit, Frankfurt), Andrea Robben (DESY, Hamburg), Sebastian Pflanz (Swissgrid AG, Aarau) and Rudolf Doninger (Repower AG, Poschiavo). 

Alexander Knüppel
Andrea Robben
Birte Sommer
Sebastian Pflanz
Rudolf Doninger

Both the User Group and the Steering Committee are supported by FNT’s Global Head of Marketing. While the players may change over time, the one constant is the trust and appreciation shared between all parties involved. Hailing from diverse industries, each member of our committee brings unique perspectives that beautifully complement one another in both approach and mindset. This synergy fosters seamless and fruitful collaboration. We all agree that the effort required to manage the User Group is time well spent, as both users and FNT mutually benefit from the exchange of ideas this forum makes possible. 

Our Mission

The steering committee supports the FNT User Group in bundling wishes and requirements and bringing them from the user to FNT via a communication channel. To this end, the FNT Steering Committee, operates a platform on which registered users can exchange information and submit their requirements to FNT. 

Would you like to know more? Then feel free to join our platform for more information. 

Your steering commitee 

Birte Sommer, Alexander Knüppel, Andrea Robben, Sebastian Pflanz and Rudolf Doninger 

Contact: info@fntusergroup.com 

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