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Customised solutions to meet the needs of modern companies, offering a competitive advantage through precise planning, efficient management, and seamless integration. Our focus on quality, reliability, and innovation maximises the performance of IT, data center, and telecommunications infrastructure. With continuous development, our customers stay at the cutting edge to achieve their business goals.

Our Software Solutions for your Company at a Glance

Our software solutions ensure more efficient management of IT, data center and telecommunications infrastructures: both the passive and active network infrastructure can be easily documented, managed and planned from the physical level through logical and virtual structures to the services. This allows you to maintain an overview of your own infrastructures right through to the provision of services to customers.

Our solutions in detail are:

Our sustainability solution enables accurate documentation of all resources in data centers, telecommunications and IT infrastructure as well as the recording of hard-to-track Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. This data is stored as a digital twin that provides a reliable basis for analyzing energy consumption, equipment usage and carbon emissions.
Digital Twin
The digital twin automates data integrity processes and offers comprehensive connectivity for data exchange with third-party systems. Simple integration into key systems streamlines processes and optimizes the use of digital infrastructures. The solution also includes modern management functions such as analysis, visualization and planning.
Cable Management Software
Our Cable Management solution enables efficient documentation, planning and management of network infrastructures for companies, public authorities and telecommunications providers.
IT Documentation
The professional IT Documentation solution records IT infrastructures in detail and creates a digital twin that facilitates management, planning and visualization.
IT Infrastructure Management
Our IT Infrastructure Management solutions offer efficient planning, analysis and management of the entire IT landscape. By fully capturing all IT assets and software information, processes are optimized and costs are reduced.
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Our DCIM solution optimizes the management of power and cooling resources, location tracking of devices and monitoring of environmental conditions in data centers of all sizes.
IT Asset Management
Our IT Asset Management solution manages IT assets across their entire lifecycle, including physical devices, virtualized functions and software instances and licenses. It provides effective asset management through automated processes.
Configuration Management
Our Configuration Management software provides a comprehensive overview of all configuration items (CIs) and their relationships, from the network infrastructure to IT and business services.
Product Portfolio- and Service Management
Our Product Portfolio and Service Management solutions optimize IT and service management by simplifying the modelling and provision of standardized products and services. They enable the effective management of business services and service assets across the entire lifecycle.
Telecommunication Network Resource Inventory
Our Telecommunication Resource Inventory solution provides a central data source for the planning, documentation and management of network resources in hybrid telecommunication environments. It optimizes important processes for service providers and network operators.
The CMDB software maps a company's entire IT infrastructure, from networks and applications to hardware and services. It is an ideal basis for the automation of IT service processes.
Hybrid Infrastructure Management
Our Hybrid Infrastructure Management solution provides a complete overview of all infrastructures - whether on-premises or in the cloud. This simplifies the management and operation of the hybrid infrastructure.
Network Inventory Management
Network Inventory Management provides a comprehensive overview of existing and planned network resources and their details. This is crucial for critical physical, logical and virtual resources in the network.
Network Documentation
The Network Documentation records all components and connections of the network infrastructure in a digital image, which simplifies planning and management and provides a better overview.

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