FNT Sustainability
Reduce your carbon footprint with a tool that documents Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from the IT, data center and network infrastructures

FNT Sustainability

FNT makes it easy to become demonstrably greener with FNT Sustainability. This powerful solution component within the FNT Command Platform correctly documents and manages the carbon footprint of infrastructure-related emissions, giving companies an important tool to use in their quest to improve corporate sustainability.

It captures Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions - plus other eco impact factors - produced by operating the IT, data center and network infrastructures. Because these emissions are indirect, they are difficult to quantify and track. FNT Sustainability helps companies overcome this significant challenge by recording these types of emissions data and monitoring changes over time.

Deep integration with the infrastructure management capabilities of FNT Command keeps the CO2 footprint documentation up to date. Pre-configured analytics dashboards make it simple to track and report on environmental impacts of infrastructure operations.  

Benefits of FNT Sustainability

Eliminate waste in the infrastructure 

Extend equipment lifespan by reusing and recycling as much as possible. Keep track of devices that are refurbished by flagging them in the FNT Analytics dashboard and use this data point as a business intelligence dimension to easily identify the percentage of circular economy devices you’re operating per location and per manufacturer. This is important data that positively influences footprint calculations.

Easily fulfill reporting requirements 

Demonstrate decarbonization strategy and device and resource purchase policies are working with integrated, pre-defined FNT Analytics dashboards. Both CO2 totals and declining averages of CO2 and other emissions are displayed in summary, per rack, per height unit, and per device type.

Remain compliant with strict ESG and CSR legislation 

Governments are using legislation to force companies to adapt more sustainable business operations. Disclosure laws and fiscal reporting requirements are being enacted in the United States and throughout the European Union. FNT’s documentation functionality ensures audit-ready overviews of CO2 footprint data are available for input into financial year-end statements where required.

Prove eligibility for government
incentive programs

Federal assistance programs in the US and incentive programs in the EU are available to help companies make the changes being imposed upon them. Sound documentation and easy reporting provides the proof of progress that is needed to apply for these assistance programs.

Retain access to corporate

Big investment funds have strict eligibility requirements that include a clear sustainability strategy, a strong commitment to sustainability, and robust sustainability reporting that complies with recognized standards. Validate all with the targeted data and reporting functionality of FNT Sustainability.

How to make your infrastructure more sustainable and comply with regulations using FNT Sustainability

Highlights of FNT Sustainability

Detailed emissions documentation

Captures CO2 emissions during the Use phase of the lifecycle for every element in the IT, network and data center infrastructure. Records the full range of eco impact factors, including embodied CO2 emissions, freshwater use, mineral resource depletion and acidification produced by both physical devices as well as virtualized elements. 

Automated documentation maintenance

Maintain documentation with near-zero effort through administration of EPDs on the device type level and supporting data inheritance for any new device. All devices - existing, newly created by a planning protocol, and complex ones that have been reconfigured - are supplied with the current and correct emission value overview. 

Stores energy efficiency certifications

Integrated data structure is designed to hold ISO 14025 compliant environmental profile declarations (EPDs). These emission profiles can be uploaded to the device type master data management. Attachment functionality stores certification information such as energy efficiency and building certificate to nearly any object. 

Preconfigured analytics reports and dashboards

Ready-to-use FNT Analytics dashboarding configuration supports analysis of the emissions footprint through comparison and BI analysis of the infrastructure setup in regard to CO2. Use out of the box standard reports by zone, manufacturer, organizational unit and device type, or easily customize by any data dimension. These analyses facilitate decisions about where and how measures can be applied to decarbonize and can be used to show progress towards becoming effectively greener.  

Component Library includes EPDs

FNT’s continuously updating component library includes more than 75,000 predefined devices in photorealistic representation. It now includes EDPs along with detailed technical information on all devices, which significantly speeds up the recording of sustainability data for all assets. 

API to upload the CO2 values

Import CO2 values and all other eco impact indicators in EPDs directly from external data sources. 


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FNT Sustainability


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