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FNT Command WAN

Transparent management of wide area network lines and services

FNT Command WAN allows users to manage wired wide area networks. It is possible to document lines between two locations or lines with only location if only one side is known. Line information, such as the line category, line type, and the available bandwidth, can be recorded. In order to be able to react quickly in the event of an incident, the termination points (right up to the port), provider data, contacts, relevant contracts, and service levels are recorded for each WAN line. By performing a bandwidth calculation of the assigned services provided over the WAN line, it is possible to determine free line capacity quickly and optimize line use. In addition, it is possible to map line bundles, backup lines, and load sharing. The costs incurred for managed WAN lines can also be assigned to the lines as one-time or monthly costs, thus allowing the user to maintain an overview.


  • Mapping WAN lines with start and end points, including utilization calculation
  • Managing services and their bandwidth over both single and multiple WAN lines
  • Managing contracts and SLAs
  • Determining one-time and monthly WAN line costs
  • Graphical representation of relationships in various contexts

FNT Command WAN

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