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FNT Command Interface for SCCM

Automated integration of data from OS and software installations for more effective software management

Deploying a wide range of applications securely requires sophisticated management systems that allow effective control and configuration of network-linked clients and servers. A common problem for system administrators is the lack of coherent documentation covering cross-departmental processes. These processes include the planning of specific infrastructure changes aimed at improving the availability and performance of business services, as well as measures designed to minimize outages and downtime. Lack of documentation also makes it difficult to conform with enterprise-wide data protection policies and compliance requirements, since the necessary information is usually only available in systems not specifically designed for this purpose.

The FNT Interface for SCCM provides the transparency required for complete documentation of all OS and software installations. All information on the physical and logical server infrastructure, as well as installed applications, can be automatically imported from Microsoft SCCM and synchronized in FNT Command. This end-to-end documentation includes information on dependencies and responsibilities throughout the enterprise that can be made available on demand to support a wide range of ITSM processes. It also facilitates a centralized and enterprise-wide software management process that enables IT managers to meet all relevant legal requirements.


  • Full transparency regarding relationships between software products, installations, and physical infrastructure
  • Centralized documentation of responsibilities and dependencies for entire IT infrastructure in an integrated system, enabling rapid identification of affected services in the event of a fault
  • Availability of valid information for cross-departmental support of ITSM processes, e.g., easy identification of maintenance windows for software updates
  • Optimum data quality thanks to built-in validation during data import
  • Targeted provision of information on, and analytical insights into, entire server infrastructure and associated software installations, enabling easier planning in large-scale environments
  • Low configuration costs and rapid deployment thanks to predefined interface with an extensive set of connectors and components

FNT Adaptive Interface Package for Microsoft SCCM

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