FNT Command 14

Easier to use, improved features, new functionality

Discover What's New in FNT Command 14

Our latest FNT Command Long-Term-Release brings a suite of powerful enhancements, customer-requested improvements, and refined usability. This update is packed with new features and improvements that make managing complex IT, data center, and network infrastructures easier than ever. Experience a new level of efficiency and control with FNT Command 14.

Easier to Use with Usability Improvements

  • Dynamic new UI for Editable Configuration Data: A flexible new UI allows you to easily edit configuration data.
  • Customizable Templates: Align templates to your preferences, allowing more parameters of attributes to be changed and static attributes to be relocated, for a better overall user experience.
  • Flexible Attribute Management: All attributes can now be moved and organized according to your needs.

FNT Command 14.2: Highlights at a glance

Enhanced Features for Optimal Performance

Telco Feature Enhancements


  • Advanced Network Planning: Move bearers and the start/end points of unrouted paths directly in Planning mode for streamlined network transformation.
  • IP-Based Service Representation: Link IP-based services to logical ports for more precise and efficient network resource management.
  • Improved Search Options: Filter for devices with matching service types during bearer, unrouted path, or trail creation for enhanced device search during service configurations.
  • Connected Service Report Enhancements: Use the “open with” functionality to quickly access reports from various entities, including objects, devices, zones, cables, services, and ports.

Cable and Outside Plant Management Advances

  • New Autorouting Approach: Enjoy quicker access to relevant information with different views for duct and cable routes.
  • Multiple Couplers per Node: Assign multiple couplers per node for enhanced flexibility.
  • Upgraded Junction Boxes: Connect uncut fibers in the junction box and utilize new export options with standardized formats for splice plans.
  • Enhanced Signal Tracing: Display sub-modules to set the display to required views, improving usability.

Work Order Management Enhancements

  • Closer Command-Process Center Integration: Streamlines work order management and significantly increases performance by directly linking work orders and Command objects.
  • Configurable Template Selection: Templates opened in work orders can be configured, simplifying the interface and speeding up operations.
  • Improved Interaction Between Command Objects and Requests: Allows direct initiation of workflows from Objects, enhancing the connection between the functional domain and workflow execution.

GeoMaps Feature Improvements

  • State-of-the-Art Multi-duct Management: Manage fiber with multi-ducts and choose between regular ducts or multi-ducts using the “open with” functionality.
  • Bookmarking: Save selections and store them as bookmarks, eliminating the need to switch between Command and GeoMaps.
  • Adjustable Sidebar: Choose to keep the sidebar open or closed, and resize it as needed.

Inventory and Warehouse Management Upgrades

  • Hierarchical Warehouse Structures: Divide warehouses into substructures and assign devices accordingly for better organization.
  • Stock Threshold Management: Set minimum stock levels for both entire warehouses and specific substructures.
FNT Sustainability

New Functionality for Expanded Capabilities

Document, track, and report on Scope 3 GHG emissions and other environmental factors with the new EPD Matrix, compliant with ISO 14025 norms. Utilize the preconfigured analytics dashboard for actionable insights, supporting greener operations and compliance with regulations, and demonstrating eligibility for financial incentives.

Technical Enhancements for Robust Performance

  • BGE Additions: Incorporate new features for Telco, Signal Management, and Service Asset Management.
  • ReconEngine Upgrades: Benefit from more configuration options and significant enhancements in handling cable and tray management entities.

Explore the new potential of FNT Command with these updates and elevate your infrastructure management even higher.

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