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FNT Command Telco

Network and Service resource management of multi-technology / multi-vendor Telecommunication networks for planning, documentation and capacity management

FNT Command® Telco Module offers Network Operators and Service Providers a complete network and service resource inventory and comprehensive insight into their multi-technology and multi-vendor network. Contemporary communication networks are never based on one transmission technology and, as consequence, on equipment of one manufacturer. The FNT Command Telco module brings packet data and circuit switched technologies to one place: OTN, xWDM, SDH, PDH, SONET, ATM, Ethernet, IP / MPLS services are hierarchically represented being on top of each other at any level of detail.

The FNT Command Telco module contains information about leased lines, bearers, services, network elements and products.

The physical links, i.e. cables or leased lines, are used to auto-route the logical connections at the bearer level. Therefore bearers are the lowest level of service hierarchy, representing a layer between physical layer and service domain. On top of bearers the services of different categories can be routed, such as pathes, point-to-point and multipoint connections with timeslots, wavelengths or bandwidth. The creation of services can be performed either manually or by auto-routing, using different configurable routing criteria. Various protection types with regular and spare routes are supported as well. Furthermore the FNT Command Telco module enables the logical grouping of devices in Network Elements together with the corresponding logical ports.


  • Provides Telco service inventory at any level of detail
  • Multi-technology: TDM, WDM, packet
  • Automatic routing for new services with different criteria
  • Set of predefined service types can be extended
  • Import of Telco configuration data
  • Telco accessories: QoS, SLA, TER

FNT Command Telco

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