FNT Command Signal Management

Transparency in IT and telecommunications networks through professional documentation of physical network structures, signal paths, and services

As data traffic continues to increase, network operators are continuously expanding their network structures via a range of technologies. The downside is that this diversity makes networks more difficult to visualize and manage. To ensure cost-efficient operation and rapid service delivery, IT managers require transparency and insight into their physical and logical network resources when performing multifarious planning and management tasks.

FNT Command Signal Management combines all the functionality operators need to manage network structures and transmission technologies along with the associated services and signal paths. The ability to document signal paths in context with device and personnel data provides users with an end-to-end view of transport routes. Detailed reports enable efficient deployment of resources and boost long-term system reliability. Other features include cross-media auto-routing, which supports the user with frequently recurring tasks and reduces the risk of error.


  • Flexible documentation of network structures with support for numerous service types
  • Integrated auto-routing enables easy identification of suitable signal paths based on available network resources in both actual and planned states
  • Convenient management of telephone numbers as well as assignment and control of number allocation
  • Full visualization of logical structure (services) and underlying physical structure (signal paths)
  • Documentation of single and redundant signal paths to ensure minimum downtime and enable detailed planning of network expansion


Display of assignment list for a distribution location
Overview of service basic data
Representation of a document service with assigned signal paths


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