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FNT Command Server Management

Comprehensive documentation and management of modern server infrastructures

Reliable delivery of diverse services and applications is now a fundamental and increasingly business-critical requirement for internal IT systems. But as the associated server infrastructures become more and more heterogeneous, they are also more difficult to manage. To provide high-quality services despite the many diverse links and dependencies, IT managers need reliable information on their entire physical and virtual server landscape. Only then is it possible to manage, monitor, and control that landscape with precision and efficiency. .

With FNT Command Server Management, you can fully document every aspect of your server and storage infrastructure as well as the distributed systems across your organization. Objects are documented in their respective contexts rather than as individual components, which enables easy tracking in the event of a fault. Integrated planning makes it easy to prepare and implement all subsequent changes in your infrastructure. Early recognition of critical dependencies and knock-on effects enables targeted prevention of system faults and performance losses.


  • Comprehensive documentation as the basis for mapping of related IT management processes
  • Support for change management through targeted impact analysis with regard to resources, costs, effort, time, etc.
  • Accelerated incident management through easy tracking of affected services, contacts, CIs, etc.
  • Proactive identification of potential bottlenecks and fault sources to ensure reliable service delivery

FNT Command Server Management

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