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FNT Command Radio Network Management

Comprehensive management of radio networks and applications for fault-free operation

Wireless technologies are playing an increasingly important role in industrial manufacturing processes. The widespread use of radio applications in production facilities calls for more sophisticated management of the radio spectrum, including the availability and time response of individual bands. Given the large numbers of wireless devices and systems often found at one location, it is vital to have detailed information on every aspect of the infrastructure in order to ensure fault-free operation. In addition to full documentation of all the wireless systems, standards, and applications deployed on site, it is important to ensure that any change in a radio frequency has no adverse effect on other local systems.

FNT Command Radio Network Management is a comprehensive solution for efficient documentation and administration of wireless systems and applications. It enables coherent management of multiple wireless standards with their respective areas of influence. Each wireless application can be assigned additional attributes to enable faster analysis of dependencies and affected objects. In the event of a fault, this enables rapid impact analysis and easier implementation of appropriate countermeasures. Frequency bands are displayed graphically to provide a clear overview of all documented wireless applications and enable rapid identification of overlap within individual bands.


  • Coherent documentation of wireless systems and applications over entire life cycle
  • Proactive planning of changes to wireless systems with detailed impact analysis supports smooth, fault-free operation
  • Integration with facility information system enables visualization of wireless systems for better insight and understanding
  • Overview of all dependencies thanks to allocation of additional information, e.g., contacts, manufacturers, devices, etc.
  • Integrated request, approval, and notification functionality ensures seamless communication between departments

FNT Command Radio Network Management

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