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FNT Command IP Management

Transparent management of IP networks and IP addresses

FNT Command IP Management gives you full control of even the most complex network structures. You can document and manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as VLAN networks – all in a single, easy-to-use module. With built-in calculation, security mechanisms, and multiple reporting options, you have everything you need to identify available network resources and use them more efficiently.

Thanks to automated calculation of start and end IP addresses, there’s no need for complex manual calculations or the use of separate IP calculators. Existing IP networks can be easily split or merged, with all IP addresses being automatically reassigned. Built-in reservation and verification functions mean it’s impossible to assign the same address twice. And using the authorization controls, you can ensure that specific IP networks are only ever assigned to specific user groups.

You’ll also find a range of reporting options that allow you to monitor the utilization of individual IP networks and available IP addresses. In addition, the built-in import templates make it possible to transfer existing documentation detailing your IP networks and implemented changes into the IP Management module, allowing all data to be managed centrally in FNT Command.


  • Transparent representation of large-scale IP networks and network domains using different protocol versions (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Realistic documentation and mapping of VLANs to support network security
  • Easy creation, splitting, and merging of IP networks with automated reassignment of IP addresses
  • Easy allocation of IP networks to specific user groups via built-in authorization management
  • Effective prevention of duplicate IP addresses thanks to automatic controls
  • Extensive reporting enables easy analysis of IP network utilization and availability of IP addresses
  • Reservation function enabling systematic control of IP address assignment
  • Standardized templates for importing data on IP networks and addresses, including links to CIs

FNT Command IP Management

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