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FNT Command Data Center Cockpit

Extensive evaluation options provide a quick overview of all relevant metrics of your data center

The Data Center Cockpit module provides an important information source for obtaining a fast overview of the entire data center and its key capacity data. Within a single module you gain insights of capacity and floor space utilization as well as climate conditions.

Centralized capacity management for your data center

The module offers a comprehensive range of display and evaluation options for all aspects of your data center. It provides an immediate overview of all relevant information regarding power, air conditioning, floor space, and weight. The Data Center Cockpit is a powerful tool for developing and evaluating multiple data centers. Each one is defined via the rooms assigned.

It is also possible to manage historization and predict development of the data center on the basis of recorded trends or planned measures. To obtain a visual overview of physical space, 2D Footprint views of the data center as a whole as well as each individual room offer true-to-scale representation for better evaluation.


  • Display of diagrams indicating the current and future situation in a data center with respect to power, climate control, space, and weight
  • Graphical representation of historical and prediction data including a trend analysis for each room
  • Representation and management of single rooms in 2D Footprint
  • Extensive reporting options for performance and capacity data associated with a data center

FNT Command Data Center Cockpit

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