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FNT Command Aircon

Transparent representation and evaluation of climate devices and climate generators within cooling circuits and climate zones of a data center or server rooms.

The FNT Command AIRCON software module combines and documents all functions involving data center climate control.

Data centers (multiple rooms), rooms, racks, and logical groups (climate zones) are planned, monitored, and managed with respect to their climatic load and performance. The data center's cooling circuits and climate devices and their utilization are documented and monitored with regard to threshold values.

The term "cooling circuits" means the continuous fluid circuit in climate control systems. Climate devices, heat exchangers, and climate generators are grouped into a cooling circuit and documented.

Climate zones are areas within a room and are always assigned to the room. A climate zone is therefore a type of sub-zone within a room. A room can contain any number of climate zones.

Climate control equipment is collectively referred to as climate components, which include climate devices, heat exchangers, and climate generators.


  • Management of climate components
  • Management and evaluation of cooling circuits
  • Representation of open and closed climate zones (enclosure)
  • Graphical representation of climate zones in data center cockpit footprints

FNT Command Aircon

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