FNT Command
Manage Your IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure - with FNT Command

FNT Command C line

A complete toolset for managing your entire physical infrastructure and cabling, including physical route searches.

The C line module group is the ideal platform for end-to-end visualization of corporate network infrastructures. All objects in C base can be connected physically and logically, creating seamless transparency across the entire network for both inside and outside plant management.

The user can quickly trace and analyze specific connections using the Signal Tracing or Route Editor functions. Integrated plausibility checks provide active support for connection wiring and help avoid input errors.

User-friendly search forms for database objects and support for integrated inventory management to keep track of assets make work easier for users and administrators. This applies not only to networks, but also to telephony environments. The special features of cable management are taken into account in the realistic representation of switch cabinets and in the tray management functionality.

  • Schematic representation of physical cable connections
  • Plausibility check of connections
  • Graphical representation of interconnection links (tracing)
  • Realistic representation of the switch cabinets and their components, including graphically supported cabling
  • User-friendly storage management with inventory management function
  • Representation of devices and subsequent devices in a net spider
  • Device-internal component connections
  • Graphical and table-supported management of junction boxes with splice boxes and splices
  • Graphically supported tray infrastructure management

C line

Product Sheet

C line provides many easy-to-use graphical options for documenting and managing cable runs. Transparent, realistic representation of routes and objects guides and supports users in performing their daily tasks.

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