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FNT Interface for StableNet®

Automated Asset and Inventory Management with Infosim StableNet®

The FNT Command® StableNet® interface provides users with the comprehensive, in-depth information about their company network needed to support ITIL® processes. The bidirectional interface between FNT Command® and StableNet® enables the automated importing and updating of data on chassis (routers, switches, load balancers, etc.), modules, submodules, and physical ports. These devices can be assigned in FNT Command® to their respective zones (e.g., campus, building, floor, room, IT cabinet) and organizational information can be added, such as the person responsible and contract details. The StableNet® interface performs a cyclical, automated update of all relevant device data via a network scan (discovery) as a standard feature. Feeding the data into FNT Command® via a target/actual comparison makes it possible to resolve discrepancies between the “as is” physical network and the target infrastructure documented in FNT Command®. This provides a reliable basis for IT infrastructure planning activity.


  • Automated documentation of active network components
  • Automated target/actual comparison of the components documented in FNT Command with the devices detected by StableNet as the input for an automated change management workflow
  • Elimination of documentation gaps in the IT infrastructure
  • Fast and consistent overview of IT infrastructures during mergers and acquisitions
  • Quick documentation for fast-growing companies
  • Ideal support for audits and assessments

What makes StableNet® special is its comprehensive coverage of the network and IT environment, the ability to depict services as well as components, substantially faster operational implementation of solutions, largely automated adjustment, and flexible scaling up to the level of comprehensive enterprise and telco solutions.


FNT Command StableNet

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