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FNT Command API

The predefined interface for integrating external software systems with FNT Command.

Modern system landscapes typically include hundreds of applications and software systems, often installed as multiple instances at multiple locations. A number of factors, such as the function-specific nature of individual software systems and their limited integration capabilities, can create internal silos that render valuable information inaccessible. When important data is isolated in this way, cross-departmental processes become increasingly inefficient. Full integration of the various systems and applications deployed within an organization is therefore an important strategic goal that increases the availability of data and enables seamless merging of cross-departmental processes.

The FNT Command API (application programming interface) enables integration with external systems for the purpose of sharing data. The extensive library of readymade function calls can be used to integrate virtually every available software system. Web service-based integration allows systems to exchange data independently of platform, language, and protocol. The result is a wide range of options for running searches and queries as well as offering write access to FNT Command.

With its release-independent interfaces, the FNT Business Gateway integration technology delivers high-quality data as well as optimum stability when connecting with external applications. Extensive standardization means that interface failure rates and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Users can therefore integrate systems throughout their organization with greater efficiency and reliability.


  • Extensive library of function calls for application programming with methods, parameters, and return values
  • FNT Business Gateway integration technology ensures excellent stability and performance from all interfaces
  • Support for diverse integration scenarios, e.g., linking to workflow engines, use of orchestration tools, connection to dashboard systems, etc.
  • Flexible system integration for REST- or SOAP-based web services
  • Automatic documentation for easier identification of errors

FNT Command API

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