ROI Study

Return on Investment in IT Infrastructure Operations

A case study of real-world IT documentation solutions

High-performance IT and telecommunications infrastructures are fundamental to achieving business goals. To ensure successful and efficient infrastructure operation, managers need to optimize processes and staffing, reduce running costs, and minimize risks. Specialist solutions for documenting and managing infrastructures, such as the FNT Command Platform, can help with these objectives. 

To quantify the productivity increases and cost savings achieved through deploying the FNT software solution, Research In Action investigated the effectiveness of the solution and the return on investment (ROI).  

The findings are based on a survey of a total of 28 companies: three companies already using FNT Command and 25 other large companies with similar IT organizations. 

Key findings

326 %
Return on Investment (ROI)

-510,136 euros

Total costs over 3 years

2,172,075 euros

Total benefits over 3 years

1,661,939 euros


Smooth operations create the value

  • Planners save approximately 15% of their monthly worktime effort when planning complex rollouts and changes, plan faster and at a higher level of quality 
  • Planners save approximately 12-15 minutes on each network connection switching order (several thousand per month) by advanced signal management and autorouting 
  • Automating data exchange with ERP, helpdesk, service management systems, contract management, etc. saves approximately 190-220 manpower hours of manual effort monthly 
  • Technicians/field personnel save approximately 25% en route time due to better scheduling and approximately 5% implementation effort by better order disposition and detailed step-by-step instructions matching to the reality of the onsite situation plus saving approximately 5-10% in utilized material 
  • Identification and elimination or reuse of stranded ghost equipment and avoidance of such devices in the future (approximately 2-4% of all active devices) saves up to approximately 2,000-4,500 euros annually per device in power, cooling, maintenance, and leasing/depreciation 
  • Automating data acquisition and integration with network management systems saves approximately 0.5 FTE for otherwise manual configuration data corrections
  • Personnel working in approval, workforce disposition and cost accounting for subcontractors save approximately 20% of their monthly worktime while achieving better scheduling and reduced error rates 
  • Members of the change advisory board (CAB) save on overall total of approximately 55-60 worktime hours preparing for each CAB meeting, execute the CAB meeting itself approximately 30-50% faster with significant increases in the quality of results and decision taken
  • Infrastructure management personnel save 6% of their monthly worktime effort by getting rid of manual preparation of reports with fully automated dashboarding while gaining valuable insights


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