White Paper

Cable Spaghetti as a 3-Course Meal

Worst Practices from the real world of IT Infrastructure Management

IT managers were surprised just how much power the air conditioning system was using – shortly afterwards, the data center was on fire; a server rack ran for years without a network connection and the IT documentation consisted of needles and thread. Those aren’t horror stories from a movie script, they actually happened. Usually, managers believe that their IT systems are all in great shape: properly documented, secure, and up to date.

What’s the situation like in your organization? Everything under control? Just read on! We’ve put together some unbelievable, amusing, and instructional case studies that we’ve been “fortunate” enough to encounter ourselves. We didn’t have to look too hard. At the end of the day, there isn’t a single company where we’ve not found inconsistencies, errors, or incomplete documentation of IT systems. Dodgy redundancy configurations, Excel tables with incorrect content, and dead cables lie in wait for the unwary.

These case studies show that IT documentation isn’t an end in itself; it is often crucial when dealing with faults and outages. It protects companies from unnecessary investment caused by a lack of insight and also helps to avoid the kind of emergencies that can quickly spiral into an existential crisis.

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