FNT Software

Our vision, mission and values

FNT GmbH is an innovative company based in Ellwangen, Germany, that specializes in the development of software solutions for the integrated management of digital infrastructures for IT, telecommunication and data centers.

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Our vision:

"Making complex digital infrastructures and services simple!"

We enable companies worldwide to master their heterogeneous, expansive and complex IT landscapes and thus make our customers fit for the digital future.


Our Mission:

  • We enable companies to efficiently operate, document and plan their digital infrastructures and services to succeed in an increasingly complex and agile world.
  • Our employees play an important role in realizing this mission. They have the knowledge and skills to understand customers' needs and then help them efficiently manage and plan their digital infrastructures and services through innovative software solutions.
  • With our software and customer-focused services, companies optimize their digital environment, better adapting to the ever-changing demands of the market to gain a competitive edge.



Our corporate values:

  • Sustainability at FNT refers to the pursuit of environmental, social and economic sustainability. It is about using resources responsibly, minimizing environmental impact and achieving long-term positive effects on society and the environment.
  • Diversity involves recognizing and valuing different backgrounds, perspectives and abilities. FNT fosters an inclusive work environment that promotes diversity and enables equal opportunities for all.
  • One Team emphasizes collaboration and cohesion within the team or organization. At FNT, we pursue common goals, share resources and support each other to achieve optimal results.
  • Customer focus means putting the needs, expectations and concerns of customers at the center of everything we do. FNT stands for providing excellent service, responding to customer feedback and building long-term customer relationships.
  • Commitment refers to the dedication to the goals and values of our organization. At FNT, we take responsibility, actively contribute and make the necessary efforts to achieve the set results.
  • Innovation means generating new ideas and finding creative solutions. At FNT, we are committed to continuously evolving, improving processes and discovering new ways to gain competitive advantage and meet changing market conditions.

The FNT Command Platform software solution enables efficient management of IT, Telecommunication and Data Center infrastructures as a digital twin - from the physical level (cables, switches, servers, etc.) through virtual components and applications to services - independent of the manufacturer and in a uniform data model. This enables organizations to plan and manage their IT landscape more easily, eliminate faults more quickly, implement transformations and changes more efficiently, and achieve sustainability goals faster.