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FNT Workplace Infrastructure Management

Enterprise IT Landscape Management in the Digitization Age

Digital services improve the customer experience. They also raise the bar for the workforce behind the digital scene. The quality, speed and responsiveness of backend customer support activities must be on par with the digital frontend. Customer support needs to be able to react fast, provide correct answers and offer valid solutions for issues in situations where human interaction is still a vital part of servicing the customer. Giving employees an optimized IT workspace is the best way to rise to this challenge.

The FNT Workplace Infrastructure Management solution enables enterprise IT customers to holistically design, roll out, and operate state-of-the-art infrastructures for workplaces. The solution helps organizations achieve greater operational efficiency by documenting and managing all workplace elements, from laptops and PCs/NCs to virtualized desktops, installed software, as well as the usual periphery elements like monitor devices, printers, etc. It also includes voice communications infrastructure as part of the service portfolio offered to the end user of IT services. Any form of fixed and mobile telephony devices, including SIM cards, can be documented and managed.

Additionally, the solution features catalog management, order and workorder management, blueprinting capabilities, integrated parameter management, and support for zero-touch provisioning of virtual resources. These capabilities elevate the provisioning of workplace services to a whole new level of speed and quality.

To evolve the company workforce with the digitally transforming environment, a service manager’s priority should be to ensure that workplace and communications infrastructure is working flawlessly and provides maximum transparency to all users. This can be achieved with a central solution for control and optimization of the delivery of enterprise-wide IT workplace services.

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Digitization strategies create new opportunities for enterprise IT and government organizations to improve service quality, delivery times, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Three Solution Levels

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software. All solutions are available in three versions of progressively increasing functionality. Choose the level of support that best suits your needs. Change your selection as your needs change.


FNT’s introductory package contains all of the functionality required to fulfill the main purpose of the solution. It also covers all of the essential asset and configuration management features to maintain control of your infrastructure and to have every crucial information detail about your infrastructure at your fingertips.


FNT’s Standard package provides extended functionality including enhanced reporting, dashboarding capabilities, and features required to manage all provisioning and change workorders relevant for building up, operating, and maintaining your infrastructure to ensure you get the most out of your workforce resources. Other functional enhancements improve the execution of the additional use cases that the solution supports.


FNT’s most comprehensive package provides all Basic and Standard functionalities, plus advanced tools to design the offerings of your IT organization as managed infrastructure services, manage them within a professional, customer-centric service portfolio, and fully automate all related processes. It also supports the execution of the primary and extended use cases with the highest degree of performance excellence.

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Use Cases

Major Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Deliver exceptional workplace infrastructure services

Design and operate your workplace services holistically from the hardware level up via virtualization and application software opera­tions. Achieve faster provisioning and increase performance, availability, and reliability to meet customer expectations and fulfill SLAs. With the personal workplace environment at the forefront of the users perception of IT this strongly im­pacts the overall internal customer satisfaction and experience.

Optimized Workplace Resource Landscape and Cost Savings

Streamline cost of procuring and operating complex workplace environments

Optimize complex workplace infrastructure landscapes by enforcing standardization on the component level while still offering flexible service choices to users by just configurational choices. Increase purchase volume per manufacturer and strengthen your negotiation position. Always have a perfect overview of installed software on workplaces to optimize licensing cost structures and ensure auditability at any time.

Increased Standardization

Achieve standardization policy enforcement

Realize decreased operational delivery efforts and increased speed due to streamlined and coordinated delivery, operations and maintenance processes over the whole workplace service lifecycle, and reduce unnecessary hardware, software, and configurational diversity by defining and working with standard templates. This will reduce planning and execution errors, avoid additional coordination overhead and eliminate undefined process and system states.

Strong Contribution to Strategic Planning

Visualize previously undetected tendencies on the early warning radar

The replacement of unforeseen accumulations of workplace devices nearing the end of the manufacturers support and maintenance lifecycle can have an impact on budget and cost planning while derailing project timelines and affecting operations. In the worst case it might even jeopardize financial liquidity. With advanced warning, teams will have sufficient lead time to react and adapt to these changes.


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FNT Workplace Infrastructure Management

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