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FNT Enterprise Connectivity Management (External Network)

Ensure fault-free global interconnectivity between every location of your enterprise and its central data center hubs

Successful corporations think globally and act locally. They combine the strength of a central headquarters with the advantages of proximity to local customers and resources. They also know the key to executing this type of strategy: reliable data interconnectivity.

FNT Enterprise Connectivity Management

The core of FNT Enterprise Connectivity Management (External Network) is a central repository that provides a complete inventory of all leased data carrier lines. This facilitates maintaining a governing oversight of long-distance networks. Comprehensive documentation of all connected endpoints, all associated contracts, and the relevant provider master data delivers maximum transparency. Integrated ready-to-use reports give a detailed overview and help identify and address specific issues. Pre-defined document templates help optimize purchase and termination processes. Planning and workorder capabilities facilitate setting up new connections and endpoints.

These leased data carrier lines are only one component of the actual connectivity service being provided within the corporation. Active endpoint components like supplier-specific routers must be set up, firewalls configured, and internal routings defined. Furthermore, capacity planning needs to ensure sufficient bandwidth at all locations, at all times.

The solution also organizes and manages external connectivity services in a product catalog. This enables enterprises to holistically design, offer, roll out and operate advanced external network connectivity as a business service, complete with transparent SLA/OLA descriptions, service quality parameters and pricing.

A distributed corporate structure is the most powerful form of organization. It combines strategic guidance and economies of scale with nimble local execution. Converting these advantages into tangible results requires low-latency, high-bandwidth, redundant data connections.

Providing these connections requires the IT department manage numerous leased data carrier lines from a broad range of telco providers. Processes impacted include provider selection, order initiation, contract management and provider partnership termination.

Use Cases

Major Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Deliver exceptional WAN and network infrastructure services

Design and operate remote site network connection services holistically. Achieve faster provisioning of new connections, increase performance, availability, and reliability to meet customer expectations, and fulfil SLAs. Promote positive perception of IT and improve overall internal customer satisfaction.

Optimize WAN Resource Landscape and Cost Savings

Minimize cost of procuring and operating complex WAN infrastructure environments

Optimize complex WAN infrastructure landscapes by enforcing standardization on the component level while still offering flexible service choices to users. Increase purchase volume per manufacturer and strengthen negotiation position. Detect and utilize hidden reserves in bandwidth capacity and realize cost savings by optimizing the procurement strategy.

Enhance Strategic Planning

Support corporate regional growth and adaption strategies with tailored connectivity

Compare and extrapolate bandwidth needs from documented past developments to aid planning the connections of new facilities, offices and factories in new regions, countries and markets.


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FNT Enterprise Connectivity Management (External Network)

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