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FNT Application Infrastructure Management

Enterprise IT Landscape Management in the Digitization Age

Successful businesses have one thing in common: They continuously deliver high-quality digital services related to their products. Applications are the backbone of these services and must run smoothly. To ensure this, service managers require a reliable, centralized management system that can optimize infrastructure operations for applications.

State-of-the-art infrastructures

The FNT Application Infrastructure Management solution enables enterprise IT customers to holistically design, roll out, and operate state-of-the-art infrastructures for central application operations. The applications an organization uses is an important component of its IT documentation. This solution helps them achieve greater operational efficiency by documenting and managing the complete applications infrastructure stack starting from the physical level (physical servers, their operating systems and network connectivity configuration) to virtualization levels (via the combination of single servers to redundant failover clusters and server farms) and to the application itself.

In addition to optimizing the ongoing operations of the actual production systems, the solution also supports the rapid deployment of the infrastructure for sandbox environments for intensified test, integration, and pre-production procedures. The unique planning functionality allows service managers to pre-define future changes to the finest detail and generate workplans for the workforce to execute.

Increase your service success rate

To elevate the provisioning of central application infrastructure services to a whole new level of speed and quality, the solution features catalog management, order and workorder management, blueprinting capabilities, integrated parameter management, and support for the zero-touch provisioning of virtual resources.

Digitization strategies create new opportunities for enterprise IT and authorities to improve service quality, delivery times, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

To successfully execute digitization strategies, service managers must first ensure that the underlying applications infrastructure is operating efficiently and with maximum transparency. To streamline operations, a central solution from which to control and optimize the delivery of enterprise-wide IT services is business-critical.

FNT Application Infrastructure Management Solution enables enterprise IT customers to plan, roll out, and operate physical and virtual server farms from an application perspective.

The solution provides an accurate and up-to-date information and interaction database for all security-related tools, ITIL IMAC processes, auto-discovery data, active and passive performance and status monitoring, as well as compliance, risk, and data protection management systems.

Best of all, an “always on” experience can be created to drastically reduce downtime effects stemming from operational issues such as change execution or maintenance work on applications. Additional use cases include:

Major Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Deliver exceptional applications infrastructure services

Design and operate your applications infrastructure stack from the hardware level up via virtualization and application software operations. Achieve faster provisioning and increase performance, availability, and reliability to meet customer expectations and fulfill SLAs.

Optimized Resource Utilization and Cost Savings

Streamline resource usage intensity of complex application landscapes

Optimize complex application landscapes to avoid amassing infrastructure resources without releasing them when the demand ends. Oftentimes, up to 20 % of virtual and physical servers are in an idle state and teams are apprehensive to make changes because they might be connected to a vital application. Smart resource utilization solves this common problem and will save approximately the same amount in operational costs and tied up financial resources.

Increased Standardization

Achieve standardization policy enforcement

Realize decreased operational delivery efforts and increased speed due to streamlined and coordinated delivery, operations, and maintenance processes over the whole application service lifecycle, and reduce unnecessary hardware, software, and configurational diversity by defining and working with standard templates. This will reduce planning and execution errors, additional coordination overhead, and undefined process and system states.

Strong Contribution to Strategic Planning

Visualize previously undetected tendencies on the early warning radar

The replacement of unforeseen accumulations of CAPEX-intense infrastructure devices nearing the end of the manufacturers support and maintenance lifecycle can have an impact on budget and cost planning while derailing project timelines and affecting operations. In the worst case it might even jeopardize financial liquidity. With advanced warning, teams will have sufficient lead time to react and adapt to these changes.

More Benefits
  • Enhanced sub-contractor control
  • Streamlined maintenance window determination
  • Higher DevOps maturity
  • Optimized procurement
  • Perfect compliance

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FNT Application Infrastructure Management

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