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FNT Data Center Management

Infrastructure Planning and Management in Data Centers

Modern data center infrastructure is constantly evolving. Continuous expansion and updating creates hybrid environments, in which new technologies coexist with legacy systems. Overcoming this complexity to ensure optimum utilization of the data center requires a complete overview of all components and capacities.

Consistent, up-to-date, and valid data is crucial for data center management, enabling informed decision making about the use of resources.

In light of accelerating digital transformation, data center facilities need to house an increasing volume of diverse assets and provide services faster than ever. This is only possible if data centers have a coherent inventory management system that can be used to manage all the relevant resources, whether physical, logical, or virtual. FNT Data Center Management provides end-to-end transparency into all data center operations to enable such a system.

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FNT Data Center Management covers documentation, planning, and management of all data center resources and facilities throughout their entire lifecycle. It also makes it possible to manage warranty and SLA information and to assign ownership and use to devices. This complete overview of the system landscape enables managers to make informed decisions and the operations team to establish efficient processes.

Capacity at a glance

The solution offers a comprehensive selection of display and analysis options for all aspects of your data center. It allows an immediate overview of all relevant information about floor space, height units, weights, power consumption, and cooling data. This data is available for single or multiple data centers. Operators can use this information to predict how the site will develop, based on the trends recorded or on planned measures, and generate full historical data. 2D and 3D views of the rooms can be created to provide a visual overview of the physical space.

Ready for digital transformation

The solution enables management of all assets via a single, dynamically updating repository that is integrated into key systems. This not only gives data centers the information and tools needed to support the existing environment; it also allows them to use emerging technologies to drive digital transformation. This visibility forms the basis for agile operation and increasing automation.

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Three Solution Levels

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software. All solutions are available in three versions of progressively increasing functionality. Choose the level of support that best suits your needs. Change your selection as your needs change.


FNT’s introductory package contains all of the functionality required to fulfill the main purpose of the solution. It also covers all of the essential asset and configuration management features to maintain control of your infrastructure and to have every crucial information detail about your infrastructure at your fingertips.


FNT’s Standard package provides extended functionality including enhanced reporting, dashboarding capabilities, and features required to manage all provisioning and change workorders relevant for building up, operating, and maintaining your infrastructure to ensure you get the most out of your workforce resources. Other functional enhancements improve the execution of the additional use cases that the solution supports.


FNT’s most comprehensive package provides all Basic and Standard functionalities, plus advanced tools to design the offerings of your IT organization as managed infrastructure services, manage them within a professional, customer-centric service portfolio, and fully automate all related processes. It also supports the execution of the primary and extended use cases with the highest degree of performance excellence.

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Use Cases

Major Benefits

Powerful Platform Solution based on Standard Software
  • A comprehensive data model with convenient configuration options
  • A unique recording system for all resources within the data center
Central Repository
  • Inventory management for data center resources over the entire lifecycle of the devices
  • Clear, precise, end-to-end view of all objects and relationships
Enhanced Visibility
  • Full transparency into all passive system resources, both internally and externally
  • Schematic views together with optional GIS based graphic network visualization
  • Greater efficiency in day-to-day operations, supported by end-to-end signal tracing
Optimized Use of all Systems
  • Better management of infrastructure capacity and available resources
  • Reduction in investment costs
Improved Operation and Support for Operational Team
  • Consistent network documentation and planning, supported by automatic routing
  • Integrated workflow functions support processing and facilitate everyday routine tasks
  • Faster impact analysis
  • Reduced fault repair times, leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Optimized costs and process times
  • Reduced operating costs
Reporting & Analytics
  • ́Key performance indicators (KPIs), including historic changes
  • Detailed status and performance data showing users and customers
  • Powerful analysis functions and graphical reports for a better understanding of overall capacity utilization and growth
  • Tailored information for all users

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FNT DC Management

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