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FNT DC Connectivity Management

Centralized Network Management to Deliver Faster, More Stable Connections

Efficient provisioning and a positive customer experience is vital in today’s competitive digital world. Offering the types of network connections customers demand, setting up new connections quickly and ensuring uninterrupted service for established connections are a must. But in this age of digital transformation, these can be difficult to deliver. Successful businesses will be those that retain control of their changing networks and give customers the quality services they expect.

Networks need speed. Whether setting up connections, links between data center customers and communication service providers or the cage next door, being able to do it quickly is vital.

The speed with which operators can fulfill customer requests is dependent on their underlying IT network infrastructure. Once centralized networks are becoming distributed, dynamically interconnected systems. Today’s network and data center operators must manage an increasingly complex environment with multiple technical solutions, multiple connectivity points and redundant connections, and be capable of supporting increasing traffic loads between sites and systems residing in different domains. To ensure reliable connectivity amid this complexity, they will need to centrally manage all cable and telecommunication network resources in their infrastructure, both inside and outside of the plant.

IT Infrastructure: Networks - Servers - Storage
FNT DC Connectivity Management solution provides the information and tools to manage connectivity requests and operations. Whether a physical cable connection or logical connectivity service (such as Ethernet or VPN), all connections go through the same phases: planning, rollout out, implementation and operation.

Document, Plan and Manage Connections

FNT’s solution manages connectivity requests and operations. It encompasses passive infrastructure all the way up the stack to active inventory, across all technologies, devices and logic. It centrally manages all cable and telecommunications network and service resources, both inside and outside of the plant, with a repository that provides processes and tools with the accurate information needed to streamline operations and increase service quality.

It provides functionality for cable infrastructure, as well as auto-routing and signal tracing across all assets and cables to route new connections and operate end-to-end connectivity. On the logical and service layers, it supports all types of transport network technologies and provides seamless navigation throughout all hierarchical layers.

IT Infrastructure: Networks - Servers - Storage

Use Cases

Major Benefits

Acceleration and Increased Efficiency
  • Sophisticated planning and auto-routing functions allow you to achieve faster, consistent planning and documentation
  • Integrated workflow capabilities support the handling of network changes and facilitate daily routine tasks
  • Supports hybrid networks comprised of both legacy physical hardware and state of the art network technologies for consistent planning and operations across network types
Comprehensive Documentation, Complete Transparency
  • Consistent documentation and planning based on up-to-date, accurate data by means of integrated processes from planning through to implementation in the network
  • Gain full transparency across passive inside and outside plant resources, including graphical georeferenced representations
Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve efficiency in day-to-day operations to deliver reliable services
  • Reduce fault repair time and increase connectivity
  • Speed up service delivery
Central Repository
  • State-of-the-art data center inventory management over entire lifecycle of equipment
  • Clear, accurate, end-to-end view for all objects and relations
Cost Reduction
  • Reduce OPEX, plus optimized costs and process times
  • Optimize use of infrastructure capacities and reduction of CAPEX
Reporting & Analytics
  • Track key performance indicators, including historical changes
  • Share meaningful status and performance data with users and clients
  • Powerful analytics features and graphical evaluations support better understanding of all capacity utilization and growth
  • Supply needed information to all types of users

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FNT DC Connectivity Management

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