SLA Manager

Take IT easy – FNT’s Product Portfolio and Service Management solution makes light work of meeting the requirements and requests of your internal customers.

The value of a company’s IT systems cannot be adequately measured by the number of tickets worked, the problems solved, or the cost reductions achieved. The decisive factors are the flexibility and speed with which key services are provided to the business. IT managers, service staff, product managers, and SLA managers all need a proven IT service management solution that puts an integrated solution at the heart of defining services and managing service assets.

Industrializing IT
Rising quality expectations and ever-changing IT requirements necessitate greater industrialization and automation of IT processes. It is especially important to specify, guarantee, and monitor business services, i.e., the IT services that are visible to the customer.

Demands on IT service management
As a product and portfolio manager, you must be able to respond quickly, flexibly, and cost-efficiently to user requirements and thus to changing customer demands.
As a service manager, you want a well-organized service catalog as well as transparency with respect to the services provided to individual customers. The daily service creation process should also be quick, simple, and preferably based on preconfigured products.
In the role of the SLA manager, your daily tasks revolve largely around linking key service level agreement information with the defined products and the services provided.

Product portfolio and service management
The FNT solution for Product Portfolio and Service Management provides you with all this information. It makes your IT and service management processes more efficient thanks to modeling and provision of standardized products and services. For more information about the Product Portfolio and Service Management solution, click here.

Configuration management
In addition to defining and providing business services, integration and end-to-end analysis of the available IT resources and assets also play a vital role in the ITIL process. FNT provides support for identifying, managing, and verifying your entire IT infrastructure, including all relationships between the configuration items, using a central Configuration Management System (CMS) based on the FNT Command software package. This allows you to create the foundation for successful business service management, the industrialization of your IT activities, and alignment of business and IT. For more information about the FNT Asset & Configuration Management solution, click here.

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