Head of Infrastructure and Network Planning

Stay in control – transparent cable and network infrastructures ensure that you stay on top of cable management.

As the manager responsible for your company's network infrastructure, or an employee working on the infrastructure, you know all about the daily challenges posed by network expansion and network planning, keeping services running, and rapid fault isolation.

Network complexity is increasing
A high level of complexity, the merging of many technologies, and network structures that have evolved over a number of years often result in a challenging array of interconnected components. Only by creating full transparency across all areas of your network can you handle planning, troubleshooting, safeguarding of your company's business processes, and many other daily network infrastructure tasks in an efficient and effective manner.

Transparent inside plant and outside plant management
The Cable Management solution from FNT is based on the FNT Command software package and allows you to achieve transparency in both internal IT networks as part of inside plant management and external telecommunications or broadband networks in outside plant management and to manage them efficiently. For more information about the FNT Cable Management solution, click here.

Integration with data center management requirements
FNT provides an extension to the FNT Command product suite for managing all data center infrastructure, allowing you to analyze, plan, and manage both the facility aspects, including the entire building infrastructure (power, cooling, floorspace, etc.), and the IT infrastructure (network, servers, storage, etc.) in an integrated software system using a centralized data model. Click here for more information about the FNT Data Center Infrastructure Management solution.

Integration with telecommunications infrastructure
If you want to integrate your cable and network management with your telecommunications infrastructure, FNT Command provides an integrated standard library of over 50,000 components covering a wide variety of IT and telecommunications assets to facilitate end-to-end management of your telecommunications infrastructure. For more information about the Telecommunication Network Resource Inventory solution with FNT Command, click here.


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