Product Portfolio and Service Management Software

Product portfolio and service management software is an efficient tool for the design and provision of standardized products and services in IT service management. As a central service repository, it contains all product and service-relevant information. This is the basis for the more efficient provision of IT services.

The demands of IT organizations' customers are increasing. As a result, service landscapes are also becoming increasingly heterogeneous. However, the large number of individual business services makes efficient management a difficult task. This is where FNT's Product Portfolio and Service Management solution comes in. It ensures greater efficiency by modelling and providing standardized products and services. 

Highlights of FNT’s Product Portfolio und Service Management Software

FNT’s software for Product Portfolio and Service Management supports modelling and provisioning of standardized products and services to increase the efficiency of IT activities and streamline service management. This solution provides the foundation for defining, managing, and monitoring business services and service assets over the entire service life cycle.  

This enables the underlying service assets and infrastructure products to be efficiently reused in order to flexibly provide services with consistently high quality while keeping costs under control and to increase customer satisfaction in the long term. 

Documentation and historization

Information about all products, product components and services is documented and historicized in a central database based on FNT's integrated data model. This makes it easy to manage and monitor all business services and service assets across the entire service life cycle.

Service and product modeling

A graphical interface for the method-supported definition of standardized products, service assets and services helps to model services and products easily.

Service configuration

Services can be provisioned based on rules and configured easily.

Product and service catalog

Contains all the information needed to optimally support the IT service management processes (SLAs, price information, etc.).

Integrated reporting and dashboarding

Extensive evaluation functions allow all information about the current product and service life cycle to be retrieved at any time. Various predefined dashlets are available for this purpose.

Connection to other systems

The bidirectional data exchange via interfaces makes it easy to integrate the central service repository with other service management tools, such as ticketing, monitoring, RMDB (Relational Database Management System) / CMDB (Configuration Management Database) or ERP systems.

Display of the network documentation tool from FNT on different end devices.

Advantages of FNT’s Product Portfolio und Service Management Software

Make better decisions

The method-based definition of standardized products and service assets and their provision as services reduces the complexity of the IT service landscape. This gives IT organizations a better basis for their decisions regarding the IT resources used.

Lower costs for IT service management

The central service repository contains all service and customer-relevant information - across the entire lifecycle of service assets - and can be easily integrated with other systems via interfaces. This accelerates the management and provisioning processes of business services and reduces the costs of IT service management.

Easy billing of services provided

The automated documentation of all products offered and services configured provides clarity in the customer-supplier relationship and enables simple and correct billing of the services provided.

Better overview of running services

Configurable representations of the service architecture and detailed reporting provide a complete overview of the service portfolio and the status of the products in the context of the underlying IT infrastructure.

Continuous improvement of services

Precise reporting and predefined analyses help to continuously evaluate and optimize services.

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