White Paper

FNT Command Platform and StableNet

The Holistic Network Management Solution

Companies are faced with increasing data volumes rapidly growing networking. As a result, the digital infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. Not only is the complexity of the network infrastructure is growing, but so are the demands placed on it. Ensuring fault-free functioning is more important than ever. Failures of individual devices or services can quickly cause serious problems and high costs. For this reason, keeping track of the complex IT, network and device infrastructure is key.

In this white paper, you will learn from two real-life examples how companies can achieve holistic network management through the combined use of the FNT Command Platform and StableNet.

Advantages of the complete solution with StableNet and FNT Command

  • Smooth communication through the bidirectional interface
  • Optimal distribution of tasks
  • Discover devices automatically using the discovery function
  • Advanced CML configuration
  • Detect and handle discrepancies in the network automatically
  • Cost savings and a more secure network
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