Case Studies


Colt Data Centre Services (Colt DCS) has been designing, building, and operating data centers in Europe and Asia and providing co-location services for more than 25 years. Over 1,000 customers in the world’s most data-critical industries trust Colt DCS to secure their information. In November 2021, Colt DCS sold 12 of its European co-location data centers to focus on the Hyperscale market. This case study explains the journey that Colt DCS has taken with one of its key vendors, FNT Software, and highlights the future collaboration between FNT and the team at Colt DCS.

Data Vita

As a startup founded in 2016, DataVita needed to establish itself in the colocation and cloud services market and differentiate its services amongst competitors. Its data center infrastructure is comprised of 4,000 square meters of colocation space within two physically separate buildings operated as one. Each building has two halls with one thousand square meters of space. The site is supplied by fully redundant 11kV high voltage power connections and provides fully redundant A and B power to each data rack. Connectivity to the site is provided by multiple suppliers with dedicated fiber via diverse routes and multiple entry points within the building. To support this infrastructure, and provide customers with reliable services, guaranteed uptime, and low-latency network solutions, DataVita needed to invest in a state-of-the-art data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.

Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport is one of Germany’s biggest airports. It links to long-distance rail and bus services, and the city’s subway network. All are increasingly making it an inter- modal hub for travelers. Alongside its core aviation business, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH also operates numerous infrastructure facilities that provide more than 250 B2B customers with power, water, and information and communications technology. These customers account for some 40 percent of its total revenues.

For both parts of its business – aviation and infrastructure facilities – the airport needs to operate, maintain, upgrade, and expand a complex network of diverse and highly critical infrastructures. To do this, it deploys the FNT Command Platform, an integrated software system for planning and documenting complex and hybrid IT and telco infrastructures. As “living documentation,” it makes it easier to maintain an up-to-date record of the many different infrastructure components, thereby enabling greater efficiency, professional change implementation, and rapid fault resolution. B2B customers thus receive the best possible services.


Carl Zeiss AG is an international leader in the development and manufacture of optics and optoelectronics. Flawless IT infrastructure is business-critical for the company; production operations in its factories must be totally reliable. To achieve this, IT staff require a comprehensive overview of the infrastructure at all times and across all sites, enabling them to locate and rectify any faults without delay. Seamless documentation of physical components is thus of crucial importance for the company.

ZEISS relies on the cloud-based FNT Command Platform solution for this purpose. The software also supports the company’s international expansion strategy: the technology firm is planning to invest millions in new high-tech development and production sites, with the associated infrastructure planning being based on data from FNT. The solution enables enterprise-wide transparency and smooth IT and business processes.

Unitymedia Kabel BW

Always well-informed about the cable network.

As one of Europe's largest cable network operators, Kabel Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH & Co. KG (Kabel BW) with headquarters in Heidelberg must manage a comprehensive coaxial and glass fiber network. To retain an overview of such a network, the provider has standardized its tool landscape on a standard solution with central database and decided on FNT Command from FNT GmbH. "Even from the beginning, FNT Command handled most of our requirements", stated Ulrich Hoffmann, division manager for the network developement at Kabel BW, "and FNT very quickly included any required supplementary functions in the standard product."

Federal Employment Agency

Efficient planning, roll-out and documentation

Germany’s Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) operates one of the largest and most complex corporate IT networks in Europe. Three redundantly designed data centers support the work of 120,000 employees at more than 1,680 locations. Historically, IT hardware, applications and IT infrastructure were mainly managed using Excel lists and Visio drawings, which were to be replaced by a highly functional, centralized IT platform.


Administration in four German States

Dataport is the service provider for information and communications technology for public administration in the German states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, and Bremen and for tax administration in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Heidelberg University

Improving learning and research through modern IT infrastructure

Universities and research centers invest in the latest IT technologies in order to boost their appeal and support digital transformation of teaching and research activities. To cope with the demands on high-tech infrastructures, a structured management system is essential. Read on to learn why the Heidelberg University Data Center opted for the cloud-based version of FNT Command. You can also discover how it uses efficient deployment methods to provide flawless IT services every single day to students, faculty, and researchers.

Germany‘s electron-synchrotron center (DESY)

Secure management of cable infrastructure for microworld research

Highly sensitive research facilities require extremely reliable IT infrastructures. Without them, a simple fault can create enormous time and cost pressures. DESY opted for FNT Command to achieve maximum transparency in its cable infrastructure for the multi-million-euro European XFEL project. Cable maintenance tasks in this underground facility are now centrally controlled, ensuring efficient operation of several hundred kilometers of cable.


Telecommunications network and cable infrastructure in one system

Swiss Federal Railways Ltd (SBB) proves that tradition and state-of-the-art technology are not a contradiction in terms: it has a state-of-the-art railroad infrastructure including a telecommunications network. This ensures end-to-end data exchange between all entities, components and objects involved in technical rail operations.