FNT ProcessCenter – efficiently manage complex provisioning and change processes for infrastructures


FNT ProcessCenter – efficiently manage complex provisioning and change processes for infrastructures


Wolfgang Schaupp, Head of Sales DACH-Region at FNT Software

Jonas Wagner, Product Manager at FNT Software

Falk Krebes, Head of Presales at FNT Software


How user-specific workflows and integrated order management can boost the efficiency of your IT and data center infrastructure and telecommunications management processes.

Today’s IT, data center and network infrastructures are hybrid and complex. We are seeing explosive growth in both the range of infrastructure components and the number of change processes. Multiple departments and external service providers are involved. The best way to meet these challenges is to (1) orchestrate all process flows quickly and securely and (2) ensure audit-ready documentation. In this webinar, we will show you how FNT’s new solution component - which is fully integrated in the FNT Command Platform - can help you to achieve both.

Key takeaways:

We will use real-world use cases to demonstrate how you can use FNT ProcessCenter to simplify managing and monitoring provisioning and change processes for IT, data center or network infrastructures much more efficiently. You will see first-hand how to:

  • Automate processes with customizable workflows
  • Transfer changes planned within the FNT Command Platform to internal and external service providers via modern work order management
  • Monitor and manage work order processing in a modern workspace
  • Receive updated documentation of the as-is status in the FNT infrastructure repository immediately after successful execution
  • Enable more efficient and transparent processing of customer requests by providing a central portal for requesting hardware and services
  • Achieve end-to-end transparency across all provisioning and change processes through task management and easy integration of third-party systems

About FNT ProcessCenter

FNT ProcessCenter leverages the FNT Command Platform’s integrated documentation and planning functionality to enable end-to-end process management for all changes made to the existing IT, data center or network infrastructures. This integration makes both internal workflows and oversight of external service providers more efficient. It also ensures that all changes are documented appropriately in the FNT infrastructure repository.

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